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Toadbert talking to Mario, Luigi, and Starlow in Nerve Cluster of Bowser's body
The Nerve Cluster
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The Nerve Cluster is an area of Bowser's body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and its remake. This area is located in his ulnar nerve. It is accessible to Mario and Luigi when Bowser finishes eating Wiggler's giga-carrot. Mario and Luigi come in here to find a pain in Bowser caused by Durmite and her Biffidus helpers. Once Mario and Luigi defeat Durmite and the Biffidus, they enter another room with more Biffidus, and find Toadbert. After finding Toadbert Mario and Luigi hammer the nerve which drops a wall blocking the exit and allows Bowser to use the sliding punch. Toadbert and Starlow then tell Bowser how to use the sliding punch.


Names in other languages[edit]

Nerve Cluster
Area map
Language Name Meaning
Japanese しんけいスポット
Shinkei Supotto
Sensitive Spot

French (NOE) Centre nerveux
Nerve center
German Nervenknoten
Nerve Node
Italian Fascio Nervoso
Nerve Bundle
Korean 신경 스팟
Singyeong Seupat
Nerve Spot

Spanish (NOA) Manojo de Nervios
Bundle of Nerves. The term "manojo de nervios" is also used to refer to a very nervous person
Spanish (NOE) Centro Nervioso
Nerve Center

Areas map[edit]

Level map


  • The Nerve Cluster is the only small area in Bowser's body to involve a battle background for any enemies vacuumed in the original game. This is likely used due to the background for the battle against Durmite.