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“You're what? Oh. Me. I'm Kuzzle.”
Kuzzle, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Kuzzle is an elderly Koopa Troopa encountered during the events of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He enjoys doing puzzles, to which his name is a reference, substituting the "p" for a "K", to reflect his species. He has a red shell and unlike other Koopas, blue skin. Kuzzle says that he never cared about his looks, only his mind and prides himself on being able to quickly solve puzzles.

Kuzzle is a Star Sage, but unlike the other two, interacting with him is optional, as his Star Cure had been stolen by Bowser some time before the events of the game. If he is spoken to, Kuzzle will tell Mario and Luigi about how Bowser barged into his house in a rage one day, but Kuzzle's attempts to placate him with a puzzle just angered him more and he trashed the house before leaving with the Star Cure. Some time after that, Kuzzle inadvertently turned all his furniture into puzzles, and the Puzzle Sacks the pieces were held in scattered across Plack Beach, where his house is located. Mario and Luigi go find the Puzzle Sacks, receiving three beans (a Power Bean, a HP bean, and a Special Bean) after finding each of them and placing them together. If all of the furniture is put together, the Mario Bros. will receive 30 (10 of each type) beans.


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  • "You're what? Oh. Me. I'm Kuzzle."
  • "Ooooh! You did it! She's done!"
  • "Oh, got yourself a puzzle, eh? How’s about I hang onto that. You tots feel the urge to jump into that puzzle right away? You can also retry ones you've already solved, of course. It's a challenge, tryin' to solve them puzzles quick as you can. Me, in my heyday, I'd always get a perfect score of 100."
  • "Yep... Hip..."
  • "Anytime you feel like puzzlin', you tots just come on over."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リューグー
From 「竜宮城」ryūgūjō, a legendary castle located undersea appearing in some Japanese folklore.
Spanish (NOA) Tatarakoopa Comes from Tatara (Prefix for an ancestor) and "Koopa"
Spanish (NOE) Maestro Puzlero Puzzle Master
French (NOA) Kasstaite Pun on casse-tête ("puzzle")
French (NOE) Sounion
German Koopuzzle Portmanteau of "Koopa" and "Puzzle"
Italian Koopuzzle Portmanteau of "Koopa" and "Puzzle"