Super Kōra

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Super Kōra
Mario getting a Super Kōra that breaks Kāmenētā's arms
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)
Effect Destroys Suppon no Karon's bones

The Super Kōra (スーパーこうら, Super Shell) is a power-up from the future that only appears in chapter 6 of Super Mario-kun volume 5. It appears as a dark-colored Koopa Troopa Shell with a letter "P" on the belly (similar to Raccoon Mario transformed by the P-Wing on the world map in Super Mario Bros. 3).

While fighting Kāmenētā, Mario gets pinned to a wall. Kāmenētā is about to stab him with his arm, turned into a sharp fork, when suddenly Mario receives a Super Kōra that breaks Kāmenētā's arm for good. A voice, which Mario recognizes as Princess Peach from the future, guides him into using the shell on Kāmenētā, being the only item capable of destroying a Suppon no Karon for good. Mario follows her advice and defeats him. Luigi then asks Mario where he received the shell, and Yoshi guesses it was a present from "Mr. P Switch".