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Species Suppon no Karon
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)
“わたしはカーメネーター! わたしが過去にもどり、マリオを消してまいりましよう。(I'm Kāmenētā! Let me go to the past, and I'll erase Mario!)”
Kāmenētā, Super Mario-kun
Kāmenētā with his robe
Kāmenētā with his robe

Kāmenētā is a famous and deadly bounty hunter from the future that appears in Super Mario-kun volume 5. He looks like a normal Dry Bones, but he is actually a Suppon no Karon, a Dry Bones with shapeshifting bones.

In the future, the ex-king Bowser, now the maid of a bratty princess, realizes that his downfall began the day he was defeated in Super Mario World. Suddenly, he comes across a figure wrapped in a robe that presents himself as Kāmenētā. In honor of the times when the Koopa Troop was feared, Kāmenētā offers to go to the past and kill Mario. Bowser accepts and, through a Time Dokan, Kāmenētā arrives in the past.

Kāmenētā finds Mario and, after he and his friends walk past him, shoots at them. Having their attention, Kāmenētā presents himself, removing his robe. Yoshi is not scared of a normal-looking Dry Bones, but Mario realizes that he has no gun. Kāmenētā reveals his powers and transforms his arm into a wind flag and beats Mario with it. Mario tries to destroy him, but his Dry Bones nature puts him back (even after Yoshi pulverizes him with a mortar).

Kāmenētā then tries to cut Mario's head off after turning his arm into a scythe, but barely misses him. Mario and his friends start running away, so Kāmenētā turns into a plane. After knocking down Luigi and Yoshi with a giant foot, Kāmenētā tries to kill Mario, with the intention of impaling him with his arms turned into two forks. Just then, Mario gets a Super Kōra sent by the Princess Peach from the future, the only item that can break a Suppon no Karon. Mario defeats Kāmenētā for good using the shell, and Bowser's future remains the same.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カーメネーター
A pun on「亀」(kame, turtle) and "Terminator"