Time Dokan

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Time Dokan
Kāmenētā usinga Time Dokan
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)
Effect Travel through time

A Time Dokan (タイム土管, Time Pipe) is a special Warp Pipe that allows users to warp through time and space, appearing only in chapter 6 of Super Mario-kun volume 5.

In the future, Bowser has lost his crown and has become the maid of a bratty princess. He then meets Kāmenētā, a famous and dangerous bounty hunter that offers to go back in time and save Bowser's future. To do that, Bowser suggests Kāmenētā to use a Time Dokan to take him to the Super Mario World era. Kāmenētā is then teleported to the past without exiting from a pipe by simply appearing from thin air.