Super Mario-kun Volume 5

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Super Mario-kun Volume 5
Super Mario-kun #5
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan December 16, 1992
France July 1, 2015
Spain May 23, 2017
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Super Mario-kun Volume 5 is the fifth volume of the manga series. It continues the Super Mario World story arc, whose main storyline ended in the previous volume, but some chapters contain elements from Yoshi, Mario Paint, and Super Mario Bros. 3. In this part, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi encounter many of the Super Mario World enemies that did not appear in the previous volumes (including the boss Lemmy). In the last chapter, the trio properly explores the Star World.

As hinted by the fact that Bowser still has Princess Peach hostage and his castle is still standing, these chapters (and the first half of the next volume's, plus the Super Mario Bros. 2 arc in Volume 8) are set before Volume 4, explaining why the pre-established ending is not acknowledged.

This is the first volume without any 4-komas.



Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 1 cover

モンスターテレサしゅつげん!! きょうやかただっしゅつせよ!! (Monster Boos Appear!! Escape the Museum of Terror!!)

While Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are having a stroll, a storm arrives and, while eating a Spike Top, Yoshi is struck by lightning thanks to the Spike Top's spike, acting like a lightning rod, and the three take shelter in a Ghost House. Inside, Yoshi is immediately almost eaten by an Eerie. After saving him, the trio is approached by a circle of five Boo Buddies. Yoshi is not scared, since Boos are known for their sight fear, but the Boo Buddies are braver than their solitary cousins. The Boo leader proclaims that his band is the strongest and most powerful band of Boos that ever exists, and to show this, the Boo transforms into different things, a Boo Buddy Block and into a cat.

Mario tries to trick him and asks him to turn into a triangle and then feces, which the Boo does, realizing too late to have been made fun of. The Boo leader orders his gang to make them pay, and the four Boos become Boo versions of horror characters (Frankenstein's Monster, Jason Voorhees, a zombie, and a mummy). Mario tries to attack them with a fireball, but it is scared by the Monster Boos' faces, going back into Mario's hand, burning him and his friends.

The Frankenstein Boo then grabs Mario, followed by the Jason Boo trying to chop him with a cleaver, but misses Mario and accidentally impales the other Boo's head. Mario escapes their grip and, with Luigi and Yoshi, runs from the Boos. The trio comes across a faceless Boo, but Mario doodles a funny face on him. The mummy Boo then blocks their path, but Mario pulls his bandages, making him spin like a dreidel. When the rest of the Boo Buddies arrive, another pale and round being arrives but, much to Mario's relief, it is Kirby, who inhales all the Boos. Realizing he is not in a Game Boy game, he exits the scene in a hurry.

About to leave the Ghost House, the trio is attacked by the Zombie Boo, who escaped Kirby's inhalation. The Boo possesses the Ghost House's floor tiles and tries to crush Mario. Yoshi lays an egg with a lightning bolt inside, thanks to the Spike Top of the beginning. On Luigi's suggestion, Mario strikes the bolt-egg with a fireball, making it explode, making the Ghost House and the Boo possessing it blow up.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 2 cover

スターヨッシーたんじょう!! じょうしょうをふきばせ!! (Star Yoshi's Birth!! Brush off all the Strange Weather!!)

Yoshi, Mario and Luigi are having fun with Yoshi's Eggs. In one of them, the three find a TV. On the screen, a Koopa Troopa is doing the weather forecast: apparently, today, Goombas, Boos, Piranha Plants and Bloopers will rain from the sky. The trio laughs at this, but soon the four aforementioned species start to actually rain. Luigi tries to defeat the falling Goombas, but he is unsuccessful and is pounded.

Yoshi, reading the Yoshi game manual, gives Mario three plates on which to place the enemies, but Mario cannot hold up the weight of all of them and falls to the ground, crushed by them. With only Yoshi left, he starts to eat the Goombas, the Piranha Plants and the Bloopers, but the Boos pound him in Block form, then, helped by the other enemies, they trap Yoshi in two eggshells. Mario tries to do something, but the egg comes to life and, in Pac-Man style, eats all the enemies and becomes large.

Looking at the sky, the Mario Bros. notice Lakitu, the one responsible for the enemy rain, laughing at Yoshi's death, but the egg cracks and a giant Star Yoshi comes out from it. Star Yoshi eats Lakitu along with his cloud. The battle is won, but Lakitu gets the last laugh: from inside Yoshi's belly, he creates a lightning bolt that shrinks him into baby form.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 3 cover

クッパのだいうんどうかい!! ゴールざしていっちょくせん!! (Bowser's Athletes!! Aim for the Finish Line!!)

Bowser has organized a sports day, having as a prize a tour of the island with Princess Peach. With the chance of rescuing Peach without the need to reach Bowser's Castle, the three heroes meet Bowser at the starting line, situated at Yoshi's Island's plains, and he explains the rule: the participants will have to pass through a series of different challenges to reach the top of Kappa Mountain. The three heroes position themselves on the starting line and, at the explosion of a Bob-omb, they begin the challenge.

The three reach the first challenge: throw rocks at a piñata until it breaks. With the power of the Hammer Suit, Mario opens it, but it is revealed to be a Piranha Plant that chomps Luigi, obligating him to be left behind. The second challenge is rhythmic gymnastic, where three Koopa Troopas judge the participants that will face against Wendy O. Koopa. Wendy is the first to go and, even if she trips multiple times, the judges give her a perfect score. Mario then makes a ribbon exhibition, using a vine with which he ties the judges and tightens up the grip until they give him a better score.

The third challenge is a swim in a river full of Porcupuffers, but, using Yoshi as a boat, Mario crosses it, though Yoshi falls on the ground, tired out. On his way to the fourth challenge, Mario takes an energy drink from a Koopa Troopa and, much to his surprise and Bowser's anger, Mario gets a Super Star drink that makes him invincible and he reaches the ending in a matter of minutes. Mario celebrates, but Bowser reveals a final challenge and a Banzai Bill emerges from the ground and Mario finds himself on his back, straight for a rocky cliff. While flying to his doom, Mario grabs a bunch of Fire Flowers from a ? Block, transforming him into Fireball Mario and hits the cliff, making it melt into mud, which the Banzai Bill becomes stuck in.

Mario returns to the ground, where he is reached by Luigi and Yoshi, and demands his prize: Bowser then reveals that the sign never said the tour was with the real Peach, so he dresses up as her and runs towards Mario.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 4 cover

ガチガチガマンたいかい!! あいちからこおりをとかせ!! (Teeth Chattering Tournament!! Dissolve the Ice with the Power of Love!!)

While ice skating through Donut Secret 2 with his friends, Mario slams on an Ice Block, breaking it and releasing a Ptooie, which remained frozen since Super Mario Bros. 3's events. Mario tries to burn it, but slips and hits his friends instead. The Ptooie blows its Spike Ball at Mario. Yoshi tries to eat the ball, but is stung by the spikes.

The Ptooie then blows on Mario, making him slip on ice, in ice baths, towards ice sandwiches, snow-shooters and cooling fans, freezing him. Yoshi and Luigi, who sat on a Kotatsu for all this time, decides to unfreeze him by making him think of Peach. Yoshi dresses like her, but Luigi uses a more efficient photo. Thawed, Mario returns to attack, not before tying two Spike Tops at his feet like anti-slip crampons.

Mario fries the Ptooie, defeating it, then notices a sign indicating a shortcut to Bowser's Castle and takes it, followed by his friends. On their way, none of them notice Bowser fishing behind an Ice Block.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 5 cover

さいきょうもんばんとうじょう!! すもうとドッジのおおしょう!! (Strongest Guard Appeared!! A big game of Sumo!!)

The trio reach Bowser's Castle and find a back door, however, Bowser's minions quickly destroy it before Mario can access it. Mario and his friends have no other choice but to pass through the front door, but from the door, two giant hands appear and shove the heroes back. The three are confused by such original enemies. The hands reveal they are the torpedo tubes' detached hands.

After making a face appear on their palms, the two hands challenge Mario into a simple and fair Sumo fight, however, the two hands uses all their finger tricks and pranks to beat Mario: slaps, thumb fights, Kanchō, and so on. Mario asks Luigi to pass him something. Luigi pulls out everything they have (coins, a trampoline, a key and a Power Balloon), but Yoshi eats all of it and becomes a volleyball.

The two hands laugh at Yoshi, but Mario grabs him and launches him at them. Not prepared, the two hands receive the ball poorly, ending up breaking their fingers. Happy, the Mario Bros. roll Yoshi towards the entrance, but he rolls on a pointy rock and flies away from the castle deflating, with Mario and Luigi still holding on him, much to Bowser's relief.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 6 cover

らいからのちょうせん!? きょうあんさつしゃカロンとうじょう!! (Challenger from the Future!? Introducing Dry Bones, the Assassin of Terror!!)

In the future, Bowser has lost his title of King of the Koopas and is now a maid for a bratty, young princess (presumably Princess Peach's daughter) who gives him orders incessantly and also bullies him. On his way to shop for the princess, Bowser arrives to the realization that his downfall began the day he was defeated by Mario in Dinosaur Land. On the way, he meets Kāmenētā, the strongest and most famous bounty hunter who has ever existed, who offers his services to help Bowser by going back in the past, kill Mario, and let Bowser reign supreme. Bowser accepts and hires him, and Kāmenētā dives in a Time Dokan to the Super Mario World era.

Kāmenētā appears in front of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, who are trying to return to Bowser's Castle, but is ignored. Angry, Kāmenētā shoots them with something under the cape. Now that he has got their attention. He presents himself, removing his cape and hat, revealing to be a simple-looking Dry Bones. Yoshi tries to eat him, but the Dry Bones is faster. Just then, Mario notices he is unarmed. Just then, Kāmenētā reveals that he is a soft-shelled Dry Bones, turning his arm into a wind flag and beating Mario with it.

Mario smashes the enemy and breaks him down, but Kāmenētā recomposes himself. However, Yoshi grabs and tosses him into a mortar and smashes him into powder. However, not even this stops Kāmenētā from recomposing himself (even if he loses a chip of his forehead, since Yoshi ate it). Furious, Kāmenētā hits Yoshi after shaping his arm into a hammer, giving him a giant bump. Then, Kāmenētā transforms his arm into a scythe and attempts to cut Mario's head off, but he manages to dodge the swing, and only Yoshi's bump is cut off.

The trio tries to escape running, but Kāmenētā becomes a flying car and chases them. Mario is almost impaled by an arm-fork, but his cape is caught between the fork and a rock. Kāmenētā prepares to strike with his other arm-fork. Luigi and Yoshi try to stop him, but are smashed by Kāmenētā's enlarged foot. Kāmenētā lunges at Mario, but suddenly, Mario finds himself wearing a Super Kōra that breaks Kāmenētā's arms into pieces. Mario hears a voice: it is the old Princess Peach from the future that discovered Bowser's plans and sent to the past the only thing that can destroy Kāmenētā's magic bones for good, a Super Kōra. Mario defeats Kāmenētā and his friends ask him where he got the Shell.

Meanwhile, in the future, Bowser is inundated with even more orders and punishments by the young, bratty princess.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 7 cover

クッパじょうとつにゅう!! ごく部へだいジャンプ!? (Bowser's Castle Rush!! A Big Jump in the Room of Hell!?)

Bowser's Castle has been reached, and the heroes are ready for everything, armed with everything, even a Super Mario World guidebook. But they discover that the Castle has just been renewed by Metto Oyakata, so neither their knowledge from the previous experience, nor the guidebook information, will help them this time. Avoiding the moving walls and the different Skewers, the heroes run into an elevator that takes them into the "very scary floor of plants of hell", but they only find many toilets.

Yoshi sits on one of them, but a chomping vine sprouts from under him, and many others come out from the other toilets, wrapping around Mario and Luigi too. Bowser, through a megaphone, mocks the hero and then orders a powered-up Jumping Piranha Plant to finish them. The Piranha uses a new set of chained up and detachable teeth to torture them, but Mario reaches for some Fire Flowers in his pocket, becomes Fireball Mario, and burns the vines, freeing him and his friends.

The Piranha Plant launches its teeth at them, but Mario blocks them using Yoshi, then destroys the chain with a cape twirl. Angry, the Piranha spits Munchers and Nipper Plants and them, then calls Pokeys to its aid, but Yoshi spits a trampoline at Mario that transforms him into Jumping Mario. Bouncing all over the room, Mario defeats every plant, saving his friends, but is now unable to stop bouncing.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 8 cover

どうこうぼうせん!! チョロプーのうじょうとっせよ!! (Underground Battle!! Break Through the Monty Mole Farm!!)

Escaping from every trap in Bowser's Castle, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are captured by one of Bowser's claws. The three are tossed in a Warp Pipe that leads them underground. While looking for an exit, they come across a field full of striped mushrooms. Mario eats one to become stronger and find an exit faster, but becomes an anthropomorphic version of the mushroom. A large group of Monty Moles comes and informs Mario that he ate a Poison Mushroom. Mario yells at them why they cultivate such things, to which they respond that they are for Mario. Only when Mario points it out, they recognize him.

Mario tries to attack them, but due to his new chubby body and stubby legs, he continuously trips. Yoshi tries to eat the Moles, but one of them makes him eat a laughing mushroom. Luigi tries to save the situation, but the Moles prevail and defeat him too. While the Monty Moles prepare to feed the heroes to the livestock, Luigi kicks Mario like a bowling ball and hits the Moles.

Furious, the Monty Moles call a pack of Swoopers and fuse with them, then suck Mario's blood and abilities, including the Mushroom form, returning him to normal. The Moles attack the livestock, a Butametto and Ushimetto. Mario is hit, but he sees a Rotating Block and hits it, though only a coin comes out from it. Mario is upset, but notices that the Monty Moles are sensitive to the blinking light of the coin (and became more sensitive by fusing with a species of bats).

Mario orders Yoshi to give him the coins they have and cover himself with them, becoming Coin Mario, making the Monty Moles blind from the light reflected. Defeated, the Moles surrender and, after Mario asks them, they point out the exit. However, on the other side of the pipe indicated, the heroes fall in the lava in the mouth of Bowser's Castle.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 9 cover

またもやカメック!! ねん魔術マジックだいかつやく!? (Kamek Again!! The Magic Clay's Great Performance!?)

While they continue to explore, Mario and Luigi see Bowser's shadow on the wall, but discover it is just Yoshi messing with a strange-looking crown he found on the ground. Someone takes that crown: a strange monster similar to a giant, wrinkled Flame Chomp that reveals that that strange crown is its denture. The monster presents himself as "the guide of the next room" and inhales the three in his mouth. The heroes find themselves in a strange and wavy room.

Kamek appears and reveals this is a special room created by his magic, made with a material that turns everything into soft clay. Their items, the walls, and even the obstacles are made of magic clay, but the clay objects suddenly fuse together into a slug monster that attacks them. Kamek reveals he created this being just by thinking it: the clay read his mind and transformed into it. Mario tries to think of a better monster that fights for them, but, despite the slug becoming said monster, it continues to attack the heroes.

During the battle, Yoshi is hit and falls on the ground. When he wakes up, he thinks about food, causing the monster to turn into food. Mario then asks Luigi to think of even more food and the slug becomes all the foods they imagine. The three eat the monster, but the heroes now suffer from a severe stomachache.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 10 cover

ハエヨッシーたんじょう!! コクッパレミーはげいじゅつ!? (Fly Yoshi's Birth!! Koopaling Lemmy, the Artist!?)

Walking through the castle halls, the trio is hypnotized by music and walks against their will to a room, where Lemmy, riding a SNES Mouse-shaped aircraft, is. Lemmy has made this aircraft to be able to use all the functions that Mario Paint offers, like the Music mode that lures them to his room. First, Lemmy attacks them with Onpu Bomu, then paints on them with the art mode tools. Afterwards, Lemmy makes a giant screen appear and summons his drawing (with the Volume 3's Bowser icon): a bunch of harmless and poorly drawn doodles of the Koopa Troop, which Mario and his friends take care of quickly.

Angry, Lemmy activates the Gnat Attack mode, summoning King Watinga. Before he can fully exit the screen, though, Mario tosses Yoshi at the boss. This fuses Yoshi and Watinga into Hae Yoshi. Lemmy steps aside to watch things unfold: Yoshi has now no control, and attacks the Mario Bros. with body slams and summoning a bunch of flies, but the Marios swat them, one with a flyswatter, and the other with the cape. Mario then pulls out a giant tube of bug spray and uses it against Hae Yoshi, but that only angers him and charges at them.

Mario ducks in time and Hae Yoshi hits Lemmy's aircraft, making him fly out of it. The Marios jump inside the SNES Mouse and try to stop Hae Yoshi with music, but they create a deaf tone ringtone. Hae Yoshi chomps at the SNES Mouse and, panicked, Mario tosses three Super Mushrooms at the control-Mouse, making the aircraft shine, making Hae Yoshi disappear in the process. Now they just need to bring back Yoshi through the art mode and the Bowser icon. Lemmy does not stop them, instead enjoying the show created by Mario's poor art skills.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 11 cover

はかいしけっとう!? うらみのいわじょうぶつさせろ!! (Battle with tombstones!? Let the Rock of Regrets Enter Nirvana!!)

It is night, and the heroes, who are traversing a plain, find three conveniently placed beds and a sign inviting Mario and his friends to use them. Finding nothing suspicious of it, the three jump in, but they are suddenly boxed in by three Eeries and taken to a cemetery where all the enemies they killed rest in peace.

The Eeries disappear and the heroes come across a crying rock that is revealed to be possessed by a Goomba. Many other possessed rocks appear and attack Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. When they all jump at them, Mario opens Yoshi's mouth, making him gulp the rocks, then breaks them by punching Yoshi's cheek. When Yoshi opens his mouth, a bunch of souls leave the stones.

Another enemy arrives, but this time is of the living: a Fishin' Boo, the gravekeeper. He summons his creation, a Frankenstein-like creation of different corpse parts with a Blargg's head. Mario destroys the monster with a punch, breaking it apart, but it recomposes itself. Mario tosses away the Blargg's head, but the Fishin' Boo replaces it, first with a Bob-omb (though it explodes), then a Thwomp (which it is too heavy for the body) and lastly with a Piranha Plant.

Mario and Luigi try to burn the monster with two combined fireballs, but it ends up angering the monster, which punches the trio away. Yoshi crashes against a block, from which a Gray P-Switch appears. Mario presses it, transforming the monster into Gray Coins. The Fishin' Boo surrenders, but the buried corpses also transform into Gray Coins and emerge from the ground, submerging Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and the gravekeeper.

Stage 12[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 5 chapter 12 cover

ぜったいぜつめい危機ピンチ!! スターロードだいけっせん!! (Desperate Situation of Crisis!! Star Road Decisive Battle!!)

Inside the central mountain of the Star World, the Stars create the many power-ups that are in Dinosaur Land. Suddenly, a villain takes over the Star World, trapping all the Stars but one, who manages to escape to Earth.

Part 1[edit]

PART1 とつにゅう!! スターロード (PART 1 Rush!! Star Road)

In Dinosaur Land, Mario and Luigi are slowed down by Yoshi, who keeps complaining that he is hungry. He finds a Star on the ground and tries to eat it, but the Star talks and presents himself as Sutakichi, a member of the Star World's Stars, which has just been conquered by someone. Mario decides to help, but realizes that his cape disappeared: without the Stars controlling the power-ups, the power-ups are starting to disappear.

Mario, his friends and Sutakichi run to a Star Road and reach the Star World, whose mountain is covered by a giant shell. The four decide to explore the levels to find a way to break inside. Sutakichi propose to use the power of the Star World's Yoshis, but they do not find them in any of the first three levels. While exploring Star World 3, the party is attacked by Lakitu.

Lakitu starts throwing Spiny Eggs, but are all impaled by some sticks and eaten by Yoshi. While he is busy eating the Spiny Eggs, Mario tries to defeat Lakitu with the Grab Blocks, but the Cloud eats those and spits the crumbs to Mario. He then punches him and then throws lightning bolts at him, Luigi, and Sutakichi. Meanwhile, Yoshi has become fat from all the Spiny Eggs. Mario takes him and puts him on one of the poles of the Giant Gate and, using it like a slingshot and Yoshi like a projectile, Mario hits Lakitu and steals his cloud. Sutakichi, Luigi and Yoshi (who lost weight thanks to Sutakichi) jump on the cloud too and gets near the covered mountain to inspect it.

Part 2[edit]

PART2 げきせん!! スターロード (PART 2 Fierce Battle!! Star Road)

While looking for a way to break or enter a shell, the party finds the tied up Stars of the power-up factory and frees them. Suddenly, Bowser appears on top of the shell, wearing a purple cape and with a giant "3" printed on his belly. He presents himself as Bowser 3, Bowser's alter-ego from Super Mario Bros. 3, and gives order to the Koopa Troop of said game to attack Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.

Mario beats a Koopa Paratroopa, steals his wings and becomes Para Mario, flying through the horde of enemies. Yoshi steals a Goomba's Shoe and starts stomping on everyone. Luigi tries to hide in a pipe, but it is occupied by a Piranha Plant. Yoshi defeats the Plant and Luigi starts rolling in the pipe, crushing everyone. Only two Fire Snakes are left and seem to have the upper hand, but Sutakichi uses a work-in-progress power-up to defeat them: an Ice Flower. The Fire Snakes (and also Mario, his friends, and Sutakichi) freeze, but Bowser hops down to fight.

Bowser 3 burns and pounds Mario and his friends, but on the point to give the finishing blow, his punch is blocked by a travel capsule ridden by the Star World's Yoshis: Blue Yoshi, Red Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi. The three have just returned from a trip from the Mushroom World, where they collected many Super Mario Bros. 3 power-ups. Yellow Yoshi is about to show their bag full of items, when Bowser 3 punches him and makes him toss the bag in the air. The compacted power-ups, like a flaming meteor, fly in the air and crash right on Mario, apparently killing him.

However, from the smoke, Mario emerges as Super Power-Up Mario, which gives him each ability of each power-up in the bag. With a powerful punch, Mario defeats Bowser 3, making him disappear. Mario tries then to break the shell covering the mountain, but it disappears alongside Bowser, making him crash on the mountain.


マリオスーパーめい・パズル (Mario Super Maze・Puzzle)

  1. ヨッシーぐんだんいしんぽうめい (Yoshi's Messy Gluttony Maze): Proceeding while eating one enemy character in the order shown here [Bob-omb ⮕ Goomba ⮕ Spike Top]. Let's take the Baby Yoshis to Yoshi's house.
  2. ヨッシーのたまごめい (Yoshi's Egg Maze): Three enemies are trapped in Yoshi's egg. Which enemy character can go outside?
  3. マリオパンチめい (Mario Punch Maze): From the start to the goal, find the path and beat Bowser.
  4. ヨッシーきゅうしゅつめい (Yoshi Rescue Maze): Help Yoshi, who was taken by the Monty Moles. Let's move up, down, and sideways.
  5. ヨッシーのたまごパズル (Yoshi's Egg Puzzle): Yoshi's eggs broke. Match the upper and lower eggs' shells. There are five in total.
  6. うしろ姿すがたクイズ (Back quiz): There are various figures behind Mario and Bowser. What number is correct for each?