Star World 3

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Star World 3
Star world 3.png
Mario and Blue Yoshi, towards a Yellow Yoshi's Egg and under a Lakitu
Level code 8-3
World Star World
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 200 seconds
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Star World 3 is the third Star World level in the game Super Mario World, which is accessible by the Star Road located to the south of Soda Lake and also via the secret exit of Star World 2. This level takes place in the sky and features a rare yellow-colored Baby Yoshi. It is the shortest level in the game.


Star World 3 consists of one short screen, which the player has 200 seconds on the Timer to complete. It is made mostly out of Grab Blocks, and grabbing the wrong Grab Block could lead to losing a life. There is a Gray P Switch which can be used to change the Spinies the Lakitu throws at the player into Gray Coins, which can be collected to get many extra lives. Like all Star World levels, there are two ways to complete the level.

Placed behind the Giant Gate are three Dragon Coins in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, which can be obtained by hitting Lakitu with a Grab Block (or a fireball if Fire Mario), taking his cloud, and going up into the opening in the middle and over the right wall, which will allow the player to go over and behind the Giant Gate.

Normal exit[edit]

The Giant Gate is directly to the player's right at the start of the level.

Keyhole exit[edit]

To find the Key and Keyhole, the player has to hit the Lakitu with a Grab Block (or a fireball if Fire Mario), then steal his Cloud. The player should use the cloud to float up through the opening in the Blocks in the middle, and then float to the left side. To get the Key, the player should hit the ? Block. After the Key has been obtained, the player should take it to the right side of the gap and put it in the Keyhole. Beating the level this way allows access to Star World 4, and to the Star Road that warps the player to just outside of the Forest of Illusion (though the player will not be able to go anywhere if they have not yet unlocked the secret exit in Forest of Illusion 4 and subsequently cleared Forest Secret Area and Forest Fortress).

It is also possible to fly through the opening as Caped Mario.


Sprite Name Count
Lakitu Lakitu 1
Sprite of a Spiny from Super Mario World Spiny infinite

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネイティブスター コース3
Neitibu Sutā Kōsu 3
Native Star Course 3
French Monde etoile 3 Star world 3
German Sternenwelt 3 Star World 3
Italian Via Stella 3 Star Road 3
Spanish Camino Estelar 3 Star Road 3