Forest of Illusion 4

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Forest of Illusion 4
Forest of Illusion 4.png
Screenshot from Super Mario World
Level code 5-4
World Forest of Illusion
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Forest of Illusion 4 is a level in Super Mario World. It is a ground level with lots of Lakitus in Warp Pipes, and a Fishin' Lakitu.

This level can be accessed through the secondary exit of Forest Ghost House. By completing this level through the Giant Gate, the player can access a shortcut back to Forest of Illusion 2. By going out the secret exit with a Key, the player gains access to Forest Secret Area.


When the player enters the level, they are confronted by a Fishin' Lakitu, followed by a Koopa Paratroopa. The Fishin' Lakitu has a fishing rod with a 1-Up Mushroom; if the player collects the 1-Up Mushroom, the Fishin' Lakitu will begin throwing out Spinies like a regular Lakitu. All Lakitus in the level will throw out a maximum of two Spinies on the screen.

After a jump, the player will encounter a red Koopa Troopa, followed by some Rotating Blocks with a Super Mushroom on top of them. If the player climbs on top of the blocks, they can jump and get the first Dragon Coin of the level. Next, they will find a blue Warp Pipe with a Lakitu in it. Further on is a Coin Block, followed by a Lakitu in a tall green Warp Pipe. After that, there is a row of seven Blocks, under which is the second Dragon Coin. The third Dragon Coin can be found by going through one of the following Warp Pipes.

Next up is the Midway Gate, located on a tall ledge which is reachable by jumping on the Warp Pipe to the right first; if the Fishin' Lakitu is still around, it will disappear around here. The player will find a small valley with a Warp Pipe on some Blocks, where a Lakitu is hiding. If they lure the Koopa Paratroopa from the right and jump on it, they can get on the Warp Pipe and go into it to find the secret exit (or if the player has a cape, can simply fly up to the pipe). The player can either go to the right, where there are lots of Blocks and Koopa Troopa shells, or they can press the Switch Block under the Warp Pipe, making coins and Blocks appear. The player can use the Blocks to obtain the fourth Dragon Coin. There are three pipes before this area, each one taller than the last; the one in the middle leads to a secret underwater zone where there are some coins. After this, there are a few piles of Grab Blocks, two Warp Pipes with Piranha Plants, the fifth Dragon Coin, a Chargin' Chuck, and the Giant Gate.


Image Name Count
Fishin' Lakitu's sprite for Super Mario World Fishin' Lakitu 1
Sprite of a Green Koopa Paratroopa from Super Mario World Koopa Paratroopa (green) 2
Sprite of a Green Koopa Troopa from Super Mario World Koopa Troopa (green) 2 (if stomped)
Sprite of a Red Koopa Troopa from Super Mario World Koopa Troopa (red) 2
Sprite of a green unshelled Koopa from Super Mario World Unshelled Koopa (green) 2 (if stomped)
Sprite of a green unshelled Koopa from Super Mario World Unshelled Koopa (red) 2 (regular)
2 (if stomped)
PipeLakitu.png Lakitu in a Pipe 7
Lakitu Lakitu 1
A Blurp from Super Mario World Blurp 12
Jumping Piranha Plant from Super Mario World Jumping Piranha Plant 2
Chargin' Chuck from Super Mario World Lookout Chuck 1

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まよいのもり コース4
Mayoi no Mori Kōsu 4
Mazing Wood Course 4

French Forêt Illusoire 4
Illusory Forest 4
German Wald der Illusion 4
Forest of Illusion 4
Italian Foresta delle Illusioni 4
Forest of Illusion 4
Spanish (NOE) Bosque Ilusión 4
Illusion Forest 4