Valley of Bowser

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Valley of Bowser
Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Levels 9
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The entrance to the Valley of Bowser
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The Valley of Bowser is the final world of Super Mario World before reaching the final boss, Bowser. The main way into the Valley of Bowser is by beating the Sunken Ghost Ship and entering the massive rock carving of Bowser's head that rises out of the sea. A faster way to enter is using the Star Road, which has an exit leading straight to the Front Door of Bowser's Castle, making it possible to beat the game while skipping almost every world in the game. The player can also see this area by using the warp pipe found in Donut Plains to access Donut Secret 2 (the level upon the cliff on the left). Additionally, the player can enter the valley using the secret warp pipe on Chocolate Island, which leads to Chocolate Secret (the level at the bottom of the map).

There are frequent flashes of lightning in the background despite this level being accessed via a subterranean cavern. Various enemies, though mostly Koopa Troopas and cave-dwelling enemies, can be encountered here. What is presumably the Valley of Bowser, renamed the Valley of the Koopas, appears in the Nintendo Adventure Books Dinosaur Dilemma and Flown the Koopa. Depicted as a barren, putrid, desert-adjacent wasteland filled with garbage and hostile creatures such as Munchers and Dino-Torches, the area contains Bowser's summer home, where he holds a party celebrating his granting of the Snowbell Prize in Dinosaur Dilemma.

Standard Levels[edit]

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Secret Levels[edit]

Unused Level[edit]

The unused Red Switch Palace in Valley of Bowser.

Red Switch Palace: There is an unused Switch Palace to the left of Valley of Bowser 3. Since it leads to an "empty" level, it is probable that it was scrapped early in development. Beating the Secret Exit of Valley of Bowser 3 would cause Mario to walk to this switch palace, except that Valley of Bowser 3 has no secret exit, and there is no path for Mario to walk on. This glitches the game, causing the player to be trapped in an endless Bonus Game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのたに
Kuppa no tani
Valley of Koopa
Spanish Valle de Bowser Valley of Bowser
French Vallée de Bowser Valley of Bowser
German Bowsers Tal Bowser's Valley
Italian Valle di Bowser Valley of Bowser
Portuguese Vale do Bowser Valley of Bowser


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  • The entrance to the Valley of Bowser appears in the premade world for the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack in Minecraft. A Nether Portal can be found inside of it, and going through it takes the player to Bowser's Castle.