1-Up Chamber

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Mario in a 1-Up Chamber

1-Up Chambers[1][2], or 1-Up Rooms[3], are hidden areas which appear in Super Mario World. They are accessed through a certain Warp Pipe in some levels, with Donut Plains 1 being the first level to have a 1-Up Chamber. 1-Up Chambers consist of five horizontal floorboards, each with three ? Blocks within them. If Mario or Luigi jump onto a floorboard, they cannot return to the one below them. The topmost floorboard has a Warp Pipe leading back into the main level.

With each tier, the goal is for Mario or Luigi to jump at the ? Blocks in a certain order, which is always randomized. If Mario or Luigi jump at the correct first and second ? Blocks each, they earn a coin, followed by a 1-Up Mushroom in the third ? Blocks. Jumping at the first one or two ? Blocks in the correct order turns each one green with a white circle. If Mario or Luigi jump at a ? Block in the incorrect order, every ? Block in its row turns brown.

As Caped Mario, there is a method in which he can always hit each row's ? Blocks in the correct order. To do so, he must perform a Spin Jump on the left side of each ? Block from left to right.


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