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This is a list of the staff involved with the game Super Mario World. When differences in listings are shown between the International and Japanese versions, they are shown with the International version first, followed by the original Japanese version.

Main Director / Total Director[edit]

Map Director[edit]

Area Director / Course Director[edit]

  • Katsuya Eguchi

Program Director[edit]

  • Toshihiko Nakago

Mario and System Programmer / Player and System Programer[edit]

  • Toshio Iwawaki

Object Programmer / Object Programer[edit]

  • Kazuaki Morita

Background Programmer / Back Ground Programer[edit]

  • Shigehiro Kasamatsu
  • Tatsunori Takakura

Map Programmer / Map Programer[edit]

  • Tatsuo Nishiyama

Area Data Input / Course Editor[edit]

  • Yoshihiro Nomoto
  • Eiji Noto
  • Satoru Takahata

Character Graphic Designer / C.G. Designer[edit]

Sound Composer[edit]

Special Thanks to: / Special Thanks to[edit]

  • Yoichi Kotabe
  • Yasuhiro Sakai
  • Mie Yoshimura
  • Hironobu Kakui
  • Keizo Kato
  • Takao Shimizu
  • Dayv Brooks (International version only)


Executive Producer[edit]