List of Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) staff

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This is a list of the staff involved with the Game Boy Color game Mario Golf. For a list of staff who worked on the Nintendo 64 game with the same name, see here.


  • Yasuhiro Taguchi

Original Characters[edit]

Lead Programmer[edit]

  • Yasuhiro Taguchi

Support Programming[edit]

  • P.E. Jareth Hein

Lead Graphics[edit]

  • Mitsuru Fukumoto
  • Masashi Mikami
  • Akihito Kimura

Music Composition & Arrangement[edit]

  • Motoi Sakuraba

Sound Effects & Sound Operator[edit]

  • Takashi Morio

Sound Director[edit]

  • Masaaki Uno

Assistant Directors[edit]

  • Masaaki Uno
  • Yusuke Sugimoto

Executive Producer[edit]

Graphics Support[edit]

Graphics Staff[edit]

  • Fumihide Aoki
  • Mitsumasa Muraishi