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Azalea, champion of the Dunes course.
Full name Azalea
Species Human
First appearance Mario Golf (1999)
Latest appearance Mario Golf: Advance Tour (2004)

Azalea is a female golfer in the Mario Golf series. She is a human, as are many other golfers in this series.

In the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf, she is one of four characters that the player can choose from at the beginning of the game and train however they like. Azalea can then be uploaded to the Nintendo 64 version of the game for more training.

According to the Mario Golf manual, Azalea is seventeen and is an experienced athlete who also runs track. Also according to the Japanese website of Mario Golf, the first time she attempts golf, her form is poor, but with her father's help, she has improved over two years of training. In Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Azalea defeats Tiny, takes the title as champion of the Dunes course, and sides with him as a doubles partner for the Dunes Club Doubles Cup. When Neil or Ella defeats her, she realizes how Tiny must have felt when she has defeated him.

General information[edit]


Azalea is a human with blue eyes and burnt orange hair. She is portrayed as a skilled, young individual.

Azalea is relatively tall with skin fair in complexion. She has a pert, pointed, nose with a flat stem. Azalea has a defined lip tone and her eyebrows are thin as well as length. She has oval eyes, with two lashes. Azalea's face is describable as oval-shaped with soft features.

Azalea has flipped hair past her shoulders, with small parts of bangs visible under her cap. Her hair is a dark orange shade which ranges from brown to orange. Azalea's hairstyle also has short, styled ear-tails.


Azalea holding a red Game Boy Color.

Azalea wears a white tee shirt with an orange vest over it. She wears knee-length yellow shorts, along with orange and amber colored athletic shoes and plain, white socks. Like many other golfers Azalea has her own white golfers glove and to top off her outfit she wears a cap the same color as her hair with a white stripe.


In Mario Golf, Azalea had shoulder-length orange hair curled back and blue eyes, though her hair lacked the bangs. She wore a yellow-collared white polo shirt, an orange vest, thigh-length yellow shorts, and an orange belt buckle. Azalea wore white socks, orange golf shoes, and a red golfing glove. She also sported a white and orange visor with a red N depicted on it, most likely a reference to Nintendo.

Official profiles and statistics[edit]

Mario Golf[edit]

  • Level: 1
  • Drive: 204 Yards
  • Height: Low
  • Shot: Fade
  • Control: Good
  • Meet Area: Large
  • Level: 99
  • Drive: 260 Yards
  • Height: Very High
  • Shot: Fade
  • Control: Good
  • Meet Area: Large

Mario Golf: Advance Tour[edit]

  • Drive: 240 Yards
  • Height: Slightly high
  • Shot: Fade
  • Impact: Balanced
  • Control: Balanced
  • Spin: Weak



  • Azalea's design resembles to Princess Daisy; their designs, color motifs, and golfing skills are all similar.