Koopa Park

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Koopa Park
How to unlock 50 Course Points
Mushroom Pack DLC (World Tour) 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 72 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)
Mario Golf: World Tour 
Tournament Koopa Cup

Koopa Park is a golf course found in the game Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. To unlock this course, 50 Course Points are required. This course seems to be located in the wooded lowlands of the Mushroom Kingdom, with many lakes and ponds in it. Like all courses in the game, it has a par of 72. It has many more trees, bunkers and water hazards than the previous course in the game, Toad Highlands.

Koopa Park reappeared in Mario Golf: World Tour as additional downloadable content. It may be purchased by means of the Mushroom Pack, along with Toad Highlands and Toadette. It features improved music and graphics, along with Koopa Troopa Balloons. The palm trees are now replaced with evergreen trees in different shades of green and yellow.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
Hole 1 KoopaPark1.jpg Par 4 369 Yards 405 Yards 447 Yards A straight hole with four bunkers halfway through the Fairway. Features a Koopa-shaped balloon and multiple Koopa statues.
Hole 2 KoopaPark2.jpg Par 5 527 Yards 548 Yards 570 Yards A long hole with trees. Three bunkers are located behind the green.
Hole 3 KoopaPark3.jpg Par 4 375 Yards 404 Yards 448 Yards A hole with a water hazard directly in the middle of the green and tee off area.
Hole 4 KoopaPark4.jpg Par 3 170 Yards 187 Yards 199 Yards A short hole with an overall even green that slopes slightly downhill.
Hole 5 KoopaPark5.jpg Par 4 394 Yards 415 Yards 438 Yards A hole that features two bunkers on the Fairway with a water hazard. Another two bunkers surround the green.
Hole 6 KoopaPark6.jpg Par 5 547 Yards 575 Yards 609 Yards A long hole with a stream cutting through it with two bunkers near the green.
Hole 7 KoopaPark7.jpg Par 4 379 Yards 405 Yards 430 Yards A hole that contains a bunker in the middle of the Fairway and another bunker to the far left of the green in the rough.
Hole 8 KoopaPark8.jpg Par 3 136 Yards 155 Yards 173 Yards A short hole with a green that severely slopes towards the water underneath it.
Hole 9 KoopaPark9.jpg Par 4 361 Yards 385 Yards 425 Yards A hole with a lake that crosses over the fairway and several bunkers scattered everywhere.
Hole 10 KoopaPark10.jpg Par 4 391 Yards 418 Yards 451 Yards A hole that turns to the left with two bunkers near the Fairway and another in front of the green.
Hole 11 KoopaPark11.jpg Par 4 367 Yards 396 Yards 423 Yards A hole that has two bunkers and some trees surrounded by rough in the Fairway.
Hole 12 KoopaPark12.jpg Par 5 502 Yards 534 Yards 567 Yards A hole with many bunkers and trees blocking the path.
Hole 13 KoopaPark13.jpg Par 3 184 Yards 205 Yards 212 Yards A short hole with a stream to the left of it.
Hole 14 KoopaPark14.jpg Par 4 393 Yards 423 Yards 448 Yards A hole with two streams running through it which end up to the right side of the green.
Hole 15 KoopaPark15.jpg Par 4 434 Yards 445 Yards 458 Yards A hole with a water hazard to the right side of the fairway.
Hole 16 KoopaPark16.jpg Par 3 159 Yards 181 Yards 198 Yards A short hole with two bunkers near the green.
Hole 17 KoopaPark17.jpg Par 4 360 Yards 399 Yards 439 Yards A hole with a bunker to the left side of the green and a large water hazard to the right of the green.
Hole 18 KoopaPark18.jpg Par 5 490 Yards 518 Yards 562 Yards A long hole with a water hazard in the fairway, a Koopa Statue in front the green and another bunker.