Layer-Cake Desert (golf course)

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Layer-Cake Desert
Mario Golf Cake Desert.jpg 
Location Layer-Cake Desert 
How to unlock Flower Pack or Season Pass DLC 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 72 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: World Tour

Layer Cake Desert is a golf course that appears in the Nintendo 3DS game Mario Golf: World Tour. It is based upon Shy Guy Desert from Mario Golf, with the same course layout, with modern changes in the music and design, looking like Layer-Cake Desert from New Super Mario Bros. U. It is similar to Shifting Sands and Dunes as it is a desert-based golf course, with sand being a main obstacle. It must be bought with actual money in the Flower Pack, which also comes with Sparkling Waters and Nabbit. The course is an 18-hole Par 72 course.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 LayerCakeDesert1.jpg 4 362 yards 386 yards 412 yards A hole with some trees in the Fairway, which is split into two sections by the rough. It features one bunker near the green.
2 LayerCakeDesert2.jpg 3 139 yards 170yards 201 yards A short hole with many bunkers surrounding it.
3 LayerCakeDesert3.jpg 5 518 yards 536 yards 575 yards A long hole with sections of grassland split up by rough and some pillars that serve as obstacles.
4 LayerCakeDesert4.jpg 4 387 yards 413 yards 437 yards A hole with many Pokeys, Pokey Statues and bunkers. It has a large crater in the Fairway that heavily curves.
5 LayerCakeDesert5.jpg 4 400 yards 425 yards 451 yards A hole whose fairway is divided into four sections, with a curvature in it due to over spilling quicksand which causes an O.B..
6 LayerCakeDesert6.jpg 4 420 yards 446 yards 471 yards A hole with many bunkers around the green and on the left side of the Fairway. The right side of the fairway slopes toward the right side into the Rough.
7 LayerCakeDesert7.jpg 3 168 yards 178 yards 185 yards A short hole with a huge bunker to the left side of the green.
8 LayerCakeDesert8.jpg 4 404 yards 329 yards 454 yards A hole with many bunkers in the left and right sides of the Fairway.
9 LayerCakeDesert9.jpg 5 551 yards 565 yards 602 yards A long and narrow hole. Holds five bunkers, in which the first four are in a weird shape, but the last bunker (Which is near the Green) is almost shaped like a bean. Also, the fairway is bumpy in which the areas that the bunker is neighbor with the fairway.
10 Hole10Cake.jpg 4 383 yards 309 yards 434 yards A hole that is surrounded by 14 pillars. Few areas of the fairway are bumpy, like near the bunker. There are three small bunkers surrounding the Green.
11 Hole11Desert.jpg 4 407 yards 437 yards 467 yards A hole that holds a total of 23 pillars. The waste area in the center of the holds nine pillars.
12 Hole12.jpg 3 174 yards 184 yards 194 yards A short hole that holds nine bunkers. Seven bunkers are in a shape of a circle, mostly located outside the fairway. One of the seven bunkers is in the fairway. The last two bunkers have a different shape from the other seven.
13 Hole13Desert.jpg 4 370 yards 390 yards 410 yards A hole that holds three cakes. Some parts of the Fairway are skinny and have three bunkers near the green.
14 Hole14Desert.jpg 5 542 yards 572 yards 602 yards A long hole that carries two oversized bunkers. There are no small bunkers near the green.
15 Hole15Desert.jpg 3 172 yards 183 yards 193 yards A short hole that has seven donuts around the hole. The tee box area is at a hill-like slope, so the golf ball has to be shot from an area above the green.
16 Hole16Desert.jpg 4 338 yards 364 yards 394 yards A hole that has five Pokeys present near the green, and four Pokey statues. Near the green, the fairway is narrow.
17 Hole17Desert.jpg 5 576 yards 606 yards 636 yards A long hole which looks like a canyon with an oversized bunker. Fairway areas are separated. There is only one bunker, which is almost everywhere.
18 Hole18Desert.jpg 4 398 yards 423 yards 448 yards A hole which nearly resembles the previous hole, but the area has seven bunkers. The first six are close to each other in the center of the hole, and a extra medium size bunker near the green. The walls have 15 statues next to them. Near the green, part of the fairway is bumpy.