Toad Highlands

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Toad Highlands
Hole 4 of Toad Highlands
How to unlock Available from the start
Mushroom Pack or Season Pass DLC (World Tour)
Number of holes 18
Par 72
Appears in Mario Golf (Nintendo 64)
Mario Golf: World Tour
Tournament Toad Tournament

Toad Highlands (stylized as Toad HighLands) is a golf course in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. The course is near the mountains of the Mushroom Kingdom and may even be directly on them. This course (and therefore the mountains) belongs to Toad, hence the name. Being the first course in the game, it offers a basic design without any gimmicks, but does have small amounts of water hazards and bunkers. This course must be played first in order to unlock Koopa Park, as it is the only default course in the game.

This course was also remade as a downloadable course in Mario Golf: World Tour for Nintendo 3DS. This version of the course features Toad-shaped hedges and Toad Houses. It also features modernized music and graphics.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 Toad Highlands 4 370 Yards

338 meters

395 Yards

361 meters

420 Yards

384 meters

A straight hole with a single tree halfway through the Fairway. Features a Toad-shaped hedge.
2 Toad Highlands 3 164 Yards

150 meters

177 Yards

162 meters

194 Yards

177 meters

A short hole with some bunkers. Also features a Toad House.
3 Toad Highlands 4 348 Yards

318 meters

378 Yards

346 meters

418 Yards

382 meters

A hole that bends slightly to the left and contains some bunkers.
4 Toad Highlands 5 494 Yards

452 meters

523 Yards

478 meters

552 Yards

505 meters

A long hole holding a lake and some bunkers. It ends with the green on a small slope.
5 Toad Highlands 4 355 Yards

325 meters

380 Yards

347 meters

407 Yards

372 meters

A simple hole that bends slightly to the right. Contains a Toad House near the green.
6 Toad Highlands 3 138 Yards

126 meters

168 Yards

154 meters

198 Yards

181 meters

A short hole with a water hazard and bunker near the green.
7 Toad Highlands 4 387 Yards

354 meters

412 Yards

377 meters

437 Yards

400 meters

A hole that contains several trees on hills with bunkers scattered around them.
8 Toad Highlands 5 511 Yards

467 meters

541 Yards

495 meters

572 Yards

523 meters

A long, straightforward hole with a rise halfway through and several bunkers near the green.
9 Toad Highlands 4 409 Yards

374 meters

435 Yards

389 meters

461 Yards

422 meters

A hole scattered with bunkers and water hazards.
10 Toad Highlands 4 296 Yards

271 meters

322 Yards

294 meters

346 Yards

316 meters

A hole with many bunkers that curves to the right. Another Toad-shaped hedge is present and a Toad House is hidden behind a tree near the green.
11 Toad Highlands 4 376 Yards

344 meters

401 Yards

367 meters

426 Yards

390 meters

A hole that curves to the right around a big hill with some bunkers beside the green.
12 Toad Highlands 5 465 Yards

425 meters

495 Yards

453 meters

535 Yards

489 meters

A course that bends left around a Toad House and subsequently right towards the green. This hole contains many bunkers.
13 Toad Highlands 3 172 Yards

157 meters

182 Yards

166 meters

193 Yards

176 meters

A short hole that curves around a tree to the left. A bunker is present slightly beyond the green.
14 Toad Highlands 4 393 Yards

359 meters

418 Yards

382 meters

445 Yards

407 meters

A hole with several bunkers scattered throughout it that bends around a water hazard to the right.
15 Toad Highlands 4 370 Yards

338 meters

394 Yards

360 meters

418 Yards

382 meters

A simple hole that bends to the left around a tree with some bunkers and a Toad House.
16 Hole 16 of Toad Highlands in Mario Golf: World Tour. 5 448 Yards

410 meters

473 Yards

433 meters

498 Yards

455 meters

A long hole with a gorge in between the green and the tee box area. Several trees sit on top of the two peaks with rough patches nearby.
17 Toad Highlands 3 150 Yards

137 meters

160 Yards

146 meters

170 Yards

155 meters

A short hole with a small hill in front of the tee box area. There are two bunkers adjacent to the green's front and back sides.
18 Toad Highlands 4 400 Yards

366 meters

430 Yards

383 meters

460 Yards

421 meters

A diagonally straight hole with a stream running along the western side of the fairway. Another Toad-shaped hedge is present on the other side of the stream.


Mario Golf[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Toad Highlands[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオランド
Kinopio Rando
Toad Land

Italian Altopiano di Toad
Toad's Plateau
Spanish Meseta de Toad
Toad's Plateau

Toad Tournament[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオトーナメント
Kinopio Tōnamento
Toad Tournament