Yoshi Lake

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Yoshi Lake
MGWT Canyon Course.jpg 
How to unlock 7 Star Coins 
Number of Holes
Par 36 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: World Tour

Yoshi Lake is a nine hole golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. Like all other nine hole courses in the game, it is a par 36 consisting of two par threes, five par fours and two par fives. It is heavily based off Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Woolly World. The rough, fairways and greens are all colored orange. There are also many Standing Water Hazards, which act like regular ones, except the player doesn't get to move the ball from the hazard.

The music is a cover of the music from Yoshi's Story.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
Hole 1 YoshiLake1.jpg Par 5 481 yards 509 yards 534 yards Hole One is a par five. There are several standing water hazards around the fairway. Over one is a floating platform that acts like a Note Block. Near the green are a few bunkers and an actual water hazard.
Hole 2 YoshiLake2.jpg Par 3 138 yards 158 yards 178 yards Hole Two is a par three made of bouncy platforms floating over a water hazard. The green is on a circle shaped platform that has a standing water hazard in the middle of it, making the platform look like a doughnut.
Hole 3 YoshiLake3.jpg Par 4 353 yards 373 yards 395 yards Hole Three is a par four. There are several green colored standing water hazards, plus two bouncy platforms above the fairway. Near the green there are some bunkers and a tree. The tree may look like a problem, but it is really just for decoration.
Hole 4 YoshiLake4.jpg Par 4 376 yards 401 yards 426 yards Hole Four is a par four made of several egg shaped islands. There is also a Yoshi Egg in the center, like Yoshi Falls from Mario Kart DS. This time, though, the egg plays a role in the gameplay.
Hole 5 YoshiLake5.jpg Par 4 361 yards 381 yards 405 yards Hole Five is a par four and, similar to the previous hole, a Yoshi Egg plays a role in the gameplay. To the right of the egg are several standing water hazards and the main fairway. To the left of the egg is a bouncy platform floating over a regular water hazard. If the ball hits this, it will most likely hit a small piece of fairway to the left of the egg. The green has many bunkers surrounding it.
Hole 6 YoshiLake6.jpg Par 3 140 yards 162 yards 182 yards Hole Six is a par three and has two large bouncy platforms floating above the green. There are also a few bunkers surrounding the green. To get near the hole the player must hit a low lofted club.
Hole 7 YoshiLake7.jpg Par 4 374 yards 393 yards 417 yards Hole Seven is a par four containing four standing water hazards, a bouncy platform and two bunkers behind the green. The bouncy platform is placed in the center of the fairway and half of the standing water hazards have trees in the middle of them.
Hole 8 YoshiLake8.jpg Par 4 394 yards 415 yards 444 yards Hole Eight is a par four. Like holes four and five there is a Yoshi Egg somewhere on the hole. There are five standing water hazards and the middle one has a bouncy platform floating over it.
Hole 9 YoshiLake9.jpg Par 5 534 yards 557 yards 576 yards The final hole is a par five. There are several standing water hazards and a bouncy platform is floating over an out of bounds area. One of the standing water hazards is touching the green, so even a great approach could result in disaster.