Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds

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Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds from the Game Boy Color Mario Golf

Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds is an area in Mario Golf for the Game Boy Color. It opens up after defeating Putts. Upon entering, the player will encounter a woman complaining that kids have left golf balls scattered all over the place. The player can offer to help her clean them up, which initiates a minigame where the player must hit ten balls into a small target surrounding the hole on the green. The player has a time limit of ten seconds per ball, though the timer stops while the ball is moving. It does not matter how many strokes it takes to get a ball in the target as long as the player does not run out of time or land the ball in the water. The woman will reward the player with 50 EXP Points for successfully landing at least eight out of ten balls in the target.