Boo Valley

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Boo Valley
MG64 Boo Valley 5.png
First Appearance Mario Golf (Nintendo 64) (1999)
Latest Appearance Mario Golf: World Tour (2014)

Boo Valley is a golf course in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64.

The course is located in a valley inhabited by Boos. The course is fairly large at 6,635 yards (6,067 meters). Bunkers are rare and there are only two water hazards in the course. However, due to the number of cliffs, it is very easy to hit the ball Out of Bounds. When choosing this course in tournaments, "Boo Classic" is misspelled as "Boo Clasic". It is also the fifth course out of the eight total courses in the game. The sky usually looks very dull and foggy at certain times. Crooked mushrooms appear on the terrain in the background, as well as on the course. On the fifth par, the fog increases a lot more, and it begins to rain heavily.

The course was also remade as a downloadable course in Mario Golf: World Tour, being based on Rock-Candy Mines.