Harry (Mario Golf)

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Mario Golf Character
Drive 260 yards
Shot High Draw
Description Totally confident in his play, Harry's philosophy is "If I play my best game, I'll win!"
How to unlock Beat in 5th Match of the Get Character mode
Harry takes a swing.

Harry is a human golfer in Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. This is the only game that he appears in, thus making it his only playable appearance. He has a long drive and a shot that draws, similar to Mario. There is also a Harry in Mario Tennis; however, that is a completely different character. Harry is the fifth character to be unlocked via the character match. Harry wears a blue shirt, blue hat and white pants with brown shoes. Harry also has a blonde goatee and hair, and his name may even be a pun on the term "hairy."

Harry is also a very serious golfer, as he gets angry with bogeys, grunts in a disappointed way when he gets pars, and is only "okay" with birdies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハリー[1]