King Fret

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This article is about the character from Yoshi's Safari. For the Super Paper Mario character, see Fret.
King Fret
Species Human
First appearance Yoshi's Safari (1993)

King Fret is the king of Jewelry Land and a friend of Princess Peach in Yoshi's Safari, where he and his son Prince Pine are kidnapped by Bowser as part of his attempt to take over Jewelry Land. Bowser also steals twelve magical gems, splitting the kingdom into the Light Realm and the Dark Realm. Peach sends Mario and Yoshi to help, and they rescue King Fret in the Light Realm. He then asks them to save Prince Pine, who was still being held captive in the Dark Realm. After their Kingdom is saved, King Fret is last seen alongside Prince Pine thanking Mario and Yoshi and bidding them farewell as they returned to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポットおう
Potto Ō
King Pot[1]. Refers to pots used for tea, cooking, potting plants, etc.


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