Float Castle I

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Float Castle I
Screenshot of Float Castle I from Yoshi's Safari
World Light Realm
Game Yoshi's Safari
Boss Roy Koopa
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Float Castle I is the seventh level of Yoshi's Safari. It is located in the Light Realm of Jewelry Land.


The level is the first of two floating castles in the game, but the only one that is seen initially on the map. Mario and Yoshi traverse paths above a massive drop. Enemies such as Bullet Bills and Podoboos appear, as well as many jumps over endless drops.

Boss Fight: Roy Koopa[edit]

RoyKoopaBoss YoshiSafari.png

At the end of the level, Mario and Yoshi leap from the castle to encounter the Koopaling Roy Koopa in a hot air balloon, loaded with some cannons and armed with bombs that it periodically throws. After damaging both the cannon and the arms, six more cannons appear on the balloon, and Roy occasionally appears, giving Mario the opportunity to shoot him. After shooting the cannons and deflating the balloon Roy falls.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふゆうじょうⅠコース
Fuyūjō I Kōsu
Float Castle I Course