Ghost Mansion

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This article is about a level in Yoshi's Safari. For the attraction in Nintendo Land, see Luigi's Ghost Mansion. For the similar type of levels, see Ghost House.
Ghost Mansion
Screenshot of the first half of Ghost Mansion from Yoshi's Safari
World Dark Realm
Game Yoshi's Safari
Boss Big Boo
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Ghost Mansion is the ninth level of Yoshi's Safari, and part of the Dark Realm of Jewelry Land.


The level takes place inside a haunted mansion. It primarily features Big Boos, Lava Bubbles, and Nipper Plants as enemies. The first part of the level features a sepia tone setting, and the second part is more of a fluorescent green tone. The second part also features many jumps and boosts, as well as a Lakitu miniboss.

Boss Fight: Big Boo[edit]

BigBooBoss YoshiSafari.png

During the boss fight, the Big Boo boss will move from left to right and vice versa, sending out some debris that must be shot to avoid taking damage. The Big Boo will occasionally vanish briefly and cover their eyes to block attacks. After taking enough damage, the Big Boo splits into three Circling Boo Buddies. They alternate during their movement, but the moveset and pattern remains unchanged. After being defeated, Mario and Yoshi collect the gem and head to the next location.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おばけ コース
Obake Kōsu
Ghost Course