Grand Bridge

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Iggy Koopa after his defeat at the end of the grand bridge.

The Grand Bridge is the sixth level of Yoshi's Safari. It is located in the Light Realm of Jewelry Land. As the name implies, Grand Bridge is an excessively long bridge that snakes along above the water while ememies fly in or jump out of the water at Mario and Yoshi. At the end of the bridge they encountered Iggy Koopa. Iggy possessed a large mech whose appearance was based upon a Blooper, Iggy had six cannons on his mech, one located in the end of six of his mech's ten tentacles. Iggy's Blooper mech, upon sustaining enough damage, would explode, and Iggy would be left floating on a piece of debris floating on the ocean, waving a white flag. After defeating Iggy Koopa, the duo continued on to Float Castle I.