King Gessō

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King Gessō
Iggy Koopa's squid robot during the first phase of its battle from Yoshi's Safari
King Gessō in its first phase
Species Blooper
First appearance Yoshi's Safari (1993)

King Gessō is an enormous Bloober mech piloted by Iggy Koopa in Yoshi's Safari. It is the boss of the sixth stage, Grand Bridge, and unlike the other Koopaling bosses, only the robot is directly battled, with Iggy remaining out of sight inside until it is beaten.

King Gessō has two stages to its battle, and during both of them, the mechanical squid arms on either side of it act as a pair of separate weak points, with all on each side being destroyed at once. During the first phase, it moves back and forth in the waters with six cannon-tipped arms visible, with all three on each side shoot green projectiles from top to bottom at Mario and Yoshi, though the blasts can be destroyed with the Super Scope. The arms are destroyed after several hits, and after both the left arms and the right arms are destroyed, the second phase begins. At this stage, it submerges most of its body and moves back and forth more quickly and erratically. Occasionally, it leaps from the water to shoot a volley of projectiles from its funnel, though this also causes it to pause in the air whenever it fires and exposes the four remaining arms to attack. After a large amount of damage to both the left and right arms, destroying each, the now-armless King Gessō falls back into the water and immediately sinks before exploding under the sea, with Iggy clinging to a piece of wreckage and holding a white flag of surrender.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングゲッソー[1]
Kingu Gessō
King Blooper