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An anvil

Anvils are winged enemies found in Yoshi's Safari during the boss fight against Wendy O. Koopa. They flutter back and forth over the pipes, which Wendy pops out of to throw bombs at Mario and Yoshi. The Koopaling is shielded from the blasts fired by Mario's Super Scope, so the only way to defeat her is by shooting an anvil out of the sky and onto her head. This can only be done when the anvil faces Mario in preparation for its own attack (shooting horseshoes at the protagonists), since its sides are impervious to the Super Scope, while its face is not. The anvils do not always pause over Wendy's head, and while there is an unlimited amount of anvils, it takes time for a defeated enemy to be replaced by a new anvil (there is only one on screen at a time), so it is wiser to wait until Wendy and the anvil are lined up before shooting.

The horseshoes fired by the anvils can be destroyed using shots from the Super Scope.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンビル[1]


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