Crescent Coast

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Underwater portion.
The beach side of Crescent Coast.

Crescent Coast is the fourth level in the game Yoshi's Safari. As the name implies, it takes place on a crescent shaped coast. Crescent Coast is located on the south end in the Light Realm of Jewelry Land. The beginning of the level consists of a sandy beach that Mario and Yoshi must traverse. Mario and Yoshi will eventually reach the end of the beach and get into the water. Then, the whole level changes to an underwater exploration level.

Crescent Coast is also the only level in which Octos make an appearance, for the boss of the level is the Octopot. At the end of the level, the duo face Larry Koopa in his submarine.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいがん コース
Kaigan Kōsu
Coast Course