Light Realm

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An animated map of the Light Realm in Jewelry Land
The overworld map of the Light Realm

The Light Realm[1], or Gem World[2], is a region in Yoshi's Safari. It is the first of two worlds in Jewelry Land. It contains more cheerful, positive, and brighter levels than its darker counterpart, the Dark Realm. The Light Realm was formed as a result of a large earthquake caused by the removal of the twelve gems. King Fret and seven of the gems are captive in the Light Realm. It contains seven levels, each guarded by a Koopaling. After clearing the Light Realm, Mario and Yoshi save King Fret and travel to the Dark Realm.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 世界[3]
Hikari no Sekai
Light Realm


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