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A Tako at full size, from Yoshi's Safari.
A Tako up close
First appearance Yoshi's Safari (1993)
Not to be confused with Takko.

A Tako is a small orange octopus that appears in Yoshi's Safari.

Three Tako, varied in size, from Yoshi's Safari.

Mario and Yoshi encounter Tako in the fourth level of the Light Realm, Crescent Coast. While traveling underwater, they have to fight off an assault from these weak creatures. The Sea Devil, a giant jar-like creature, launches wave after wave of Tako, which crawl along the sea floor towards Mario and Yoshi. The Tako can be destroyed with a couple blasts from the Super Scope. After Mario shatters the Sea Devil, no more Tako are produced.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タコ[1]


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