Bowser's Castle (Yoshi's Safari)

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Bowser's Castle
Screenshot of the second half of Bowser's Castle from Yoshi's Safari
World Dark Realm
Game Yoshi's Safari
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Bowser's Castle is the twelfth and final level of Jewelry Land in Yoshi's Safari, located in the Dark Realm.


The level consists of a castle that Mario and Yoshi must traverse. It features hordes of Flying Goombas, Podoboos, Koopa Para Troopas, Bullet Bills, and Mechakoopas. There are also several jump pads in which Yoshi needs to jump off of in order to cross damage-prone areas. After falling into a pit, the duo will face off against a Hammer Brother, a Boomerang Brother, a Lakitu, a Sledge Brother, and a Firesnake prior to facing Bowser.

Boss Fight: Bowser[edit]

YS Bowser armored.PNG

Mario and Yoshi will eventually fight Bowser. The armor he is wearing will fire green balls at the duo from its arms as they attack them; they must then attack the armor's chestplate once it opens its cannon. After the armor is destroyed, Bowser will move left and right and throw Green Shells at the duo. The duo must then attack Bowser's arms, then his mouth when he is about to breathe fire; after they attack Bowser enough times, the duo will receive the final gem and will have finally saved Jewelry Land.