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Dream Team Enemy
Location(s) Dreamy Driftwood Shore
Level 22
HP 127
Power 156
Defense 197
Speed 50
Weakness None
Experience 75 (90)
Coins 35 (100%)
Item Drop Ultrasyrup Jar (5%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 32
World Dream

Bloopurns are brown urn enemies found in Dreamy Driftwood Shore from the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They attack by opening, to send out Bloopers. Outside of battle, Bloopurns will let out a single Blooper to try to hit the player first. It will send out up to three Bloopers that spin towards Mario in midair. If they stop spinning, Mario must jump over them, otherwise, he shouldn't jump. The other attack Bloopurns utilize is launching three Bloopers that dive at Mario. These can be hammered back. When a Bloopurn is hit with a hammer, it falls over and releases either a various amounts of Coins, a Mushroom or 1-3 Spinies if there is no other type of enemy or there is Spinies. Attacking a Bloopurn with a hammer angers it however, making it deal more damage, similar to the Fury status effect. If there is Dreamcap Rs present, it will drop Dreamcap Captain Rs instead.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) Urna blooper Blooper urn
Spanish (NOE) Vasija Blooper Blooper Vase
German Bloopurne Bloopurn
Russian Ваза блуперов
Vaza bluperov
Vase of Bloopers


  • Bloopurn is a combination of the words Blooper (what it uses to attack with) and urn (which is what it resembles).