Dr. Snoozemore

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“As you may know, I research sleep... clearly sleep also researches me...”
Dr. Snoozemore, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dr. Snoozemore
Artwork of Dr. Snoozemore from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Artwork of Dr. Snoozemore.
Species Unknown
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

Dr. Snoozemore (parsed Dr Snoozemore in the British English version) is the proprietor of Pi'illo Island who appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He studies the science of sleep on the island due to the special power that makes people sleep. He appears to occasionally go to sleep during parts of his dialogue, much to Toadsworth's and Starlow's frustration.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team[edit]

Screenshot of Dr. Snoozemore, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Dr. Snoozemore appearing on the big screen in Pi'illo Castle.

At the beginning of the game, he first appears when Broggy reveals his communication screen behind his bandage. He then talks to Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Peach through it, introducing them to him and telling them to relax on their way to Pi'illo Island. During Luigi's nightmare, he also tells them about another passenger aboard the blimp, who is actually Antasma. Snoozemore is away on a business trip when they arrive at the island, but he sends another message about the history of Pi'illo Island when they arrive at Pi'illo Castle. Later in the game, he returns to the island and tells the Bros. about the Zeekeeper, the only being which can shatter the barrier guarding Neo Bowser Castle.


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  • "I am the proprietor of Pi'illo Island! I am Dr Snoozemore anzzz..."
  • "zZz"
  • "There's a special power that makes you sleep soundzzz..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネテバッカ博士
Netebakka Hakase
From「寝てばっかり」(nete bakkari, always sleeping) and「博士」(hakase, doctor)

Dutch Dr. Snoozemore
French (NOA) Dr. Palevé
From "pas levé" (not up)
French (NOE) Dr. Coltard
Dr. Daze
German Dr. Schlummermehr
Dr. Slumbermore
Italian Dr. Abbiocco
Dr. Drowsiness
Korean 노상자 박사
Nosangja Baksa
From "노상" (nosang, always) and "자다" (jada, to sleep), also a play on "노숙자" (nosukja, homeless person); combined with "박사" (baksa, doctor)

Portuguese Dr. Bocejo
Dr. Yawn
Spanish (NOA) Dr. Lirón
Dr. Dormouse
Spanish (NOE) Dr. Modorra
Dr. Drowsiness