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Official lineup artwork of Pi'illo characters in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Artwork of several Pi'illo characters which appear in the game.
From left to right: Dreambert, Pink, Blue, Bedsmith, Eldream, Mega
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (spirit cameo) (Prince Dreambert only) (2018)
Deco Pi'illo
Mega Pi'illo
Pi'illo Master
Notable members
Prince Dreambert

Pi'illos are an ancient species who inhabit Pi'illo Island, appearing in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They have pale pink skin, hats resembling pillows, beady eyes and small legs, and they have the ability to float. Similarly to Toads from the Mushroom Kingdom, Pi'illos are almost identical to each other, with few having distinct appearances, and wear different colored clothes as reference. They lack bodies in the dream world while being slept on (with the exception of Eldream and Bedsmith). The members of the species can apparently become pillows, which serve as portals to the Dream World. In fact, their name comes from the word "pillow".

Prior to the events of Dream Team, the Pi'illos were the guardians of the Dream Stone and the Dark Stone, two spiral-shaped rocks containing tremendous power and can grant anyone's wishes. However, Antasma - the bat king and the game's main antagonist - managed to steal the Dark Stone in his attempt to fulfill his own twisted wishes. The Pi'illos fought Antasma in a battle to prevent this, but just before he was sealed away in the dream world, Antasma shattered the Dark Stone; the resultant chunks of the Dark Stone became Nightmare Chunks and petrified every last Pi'illo in existence, causing others to presume them to be extinct until Mario and Dreamy Luigi freed Prince Dreambert towards the beginning of the game. At Prince Dreambert's request, the bros. set out on a quest not only to free the remaining Pi'illos (something Prince Dreambert himself could not do), but also to rescue Princess Peach from Antasma with the Pi'illos' help.

For their locations, see this page: List of Pi'illos in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Types of Pi'illos[edit]

  • Prince Dreambert: The Prince of the Pi'illo Folk.
  • Eldream: A wise Pi'illo elder.
  • Bedsmith: A Pi'illo who builds beds. He builds the Ultibed for Mario and Luigi so they can meet the Zeekeeper.
  • Pink Pi'illos: These are the most common Pi'illos. Generally rescuing them is optional, however one of them is required.
  • Blue Pi'illos: Blue Pi'illos can give Mario and Luigi a boost to higher areas.
  • Deco Pi'illos: These give Mario and Luigi Dozites to open the path to the Dream Stone in Dozing Sands.
  • Mega Pi'illos: Mega Pi'illos are in charge of opening the stone gates in Mount Pajamaja.
  • Pi'illo Masters: They are the guardians of the Pi'illo Temple, they give the Mario Bros. Somnom Pieces to open the path to the temple.


Upon freeing Eldream, the player can visit him in the Maintenance Hut in Mushrise Park, where he was saved. He will give gifts for saving certain amounts of Pi'illos.

Gift Number of Pi'illos Required
Bare Hammer 5 Pi'illos
DoB Hammer (Birthday Hammer) 7 Pi'illos
POW Gloves 12 Pi'illos
DoB Ring (Birthday Ring) 18 Pi'illos
Golden Wear 26 Pi'illos
POW Gloves DX 37 Pi'illos
Zee Egg (Bros. Attack) 52 Pi'illos


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マクラノ族
From "makura" (枕, meaning "pillow"), and "zoku" (族, meaning "tribe" or "race").
Dutch Sluimer Slumber
French Koussinos From "coussin" (pillow).
German Kisso From "Kissen" (pillow).
Italian Guancialino From "guanciale" (pillow).
Korean 베개로족
From 베개 ("begae"), meaning "pillow", and 로 ("ro") which is possibly from the latter syllables of English word "pillow". 족 ("jok") means "tribe" or "race".
Portuguese Travesseira From "travesseiro" (pillow).
Russian Засыпайя
From Засыпать (To fall asleep)
Spanish (NOA) Modorro From "modorra" (drowsiness).
Spanish (NOE) Almohada Pillow; contains hada, meaning "fairy"