Thunder Sass

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“SASS TIME! But first... some cardio!”
Thunder Sass, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dream Team enemy
Thunder Sass
Thunder Sass
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Level 14
HP 140
Power 176
Defense 53
Speed 138
Weakness None
Experience 200 (240)
Coins 50 (100%)
Item drop Super Candy (30%)
HP Knockout Bangle (5%)
No Hitter
World Dream

Thunder Sass is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, as one of Big Massif's four Hooraw disciples that must be fought in the "Beef-off". He is a tiny, angry Hooraw with yellow spiked hair and yellow pants. Of the Hooraw disciples, Thunder Sass has the lowest HP and DEF, but has the highest SPEED and POW. They appear to Mario and Dreamy Luigi at Dreamy Wakeport, sent by Big Massif to test them. When they head to the next area to hide, Thunder Sass heads down the yellow Warp Pipe.

In battle, Thunder Sass surrounds himself with Hooraws. For this battle, Mario is only able to use counterattacks to damage him, similarly to Shrowser in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the first few Hammer Bros in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, in the Stuff Retrieval mission, and Ludwig von Koopa in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions. All of the command blocks have been removed except for the Item Block (along with the Hint Block if the player receives a Game Over), and only healing items can be used. Badge effects also cannot be used. It is also the only battle in the game in which the player can do nothing, by pressing R Button to become idle.

One of Thunder Sass's attacks involve him bouncing across groups of Hooraws before launching himself at Mario at high speed, but will only bounce off the groups of Hooraws that have their arms raised. Mario must use his Hammer to counterattack. Thunder Sass will also simply charge at Mario several times with a flurry of punches, which can be countered by jumping on him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デシイエロー
Deshi Ierō
Disciple Yellow
French (NOE) Disciple jaune Yellow disciple
German Dreistmut Brazen Courage
Italian Allievo Giallo Yellow Pupil
Portuguese (NOE) Indisciperigoso Portmanteau of "indisciplinado" (undisciplined) and "perigoso" (dangerous)
Russian Громыхайло
From "гром" (grom, thunder)
Spanish (NOA) Trueno Iracundo Wrathful Thunder
Spanish (NOE) Pupilo Amarillo Yellow Pupil (Hooraws Spanish name)