Kamek (Green)

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Dream Team enemy
Kamek (Green)
Sprite of Kamek (Green) flying, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle
(Area C)
Level 34
HP 816
Power 225
Defense 275
Speed 93
Weakness None
Experience 0 (0)
Coins 0 (0%)
Item drop None (0%)
None (0%)
No Hitter
World Dream

Kamek (Green) is a green-robed clone of Kamek created to assist him along with two other clones in his third and final battle in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Kamek (Green) wears a green cap and robe with a green aura with magic squares rising from it.

This Kamek clone can raise the POW, DEF or SPEED of Kamek or the other clones. He does so in a fixed order; he will first raise their DEF, then their SPEED, and finally their POW. Once Kamek (Green) is defeated, these status boosts immediately wear off. When in battle, he will add to Kamek's magic ring attack by having a green ring stack with Kamek and the other clones' own rings, his being the third from the top. Kamek (Green) is the second to close up his ring, having it grow twice with pauses in between, then closing at a smooth yet fast pace. Mario must avoid this attack by jumping over the ring just as it's about to close. Out of the three clones, Kamek (Green) has the highest HP.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメック 緑
Kamekku Midori
Kamek Green
German Kamek (grün) Kamek (green)
Italian Kamek (verde) Kamek (green)
Russian Зеленый Камек
Zelenyy Kamek
Green Kamek