Heavy Zest

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“B! E! E! F! O! F! F! Now! Let's DO it!”
Heavy Zest, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dream Team enemy
Heavy Zest
Heavy Zest
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Role Boss
Position Normal
Level 14
HP 282
Power 113
Defense 80
Speed 60
Weakness None
Experience 200 (240)
Coins 50 (100%)
Item drop Super Candy (30%)
HP Knockout Bangle (5%)
No Hitter
World Dream

Heavy Zest is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, as one of Big Massif's four Hooraw disciples that must be fought in the "Beef-off". He is a cheery and hyperactive Hooraw with orange curled hair and pants. Of the Hooraw Disciples, Heavy Zest is average, he has the second-to-lowest HP and POW, but has the second-to-highest DEF and SPEED. Heavy Zest first appears when Mario and Dreamy Luigi show up to the dream tour center, Big Massif sending him and the other three to test them before they can face him. When the four of them leave to hide, Heavy Zest heads down the orange pipe.

In battle, Heavy Zest surrounds himself with Hooraws. To win the battle, Mario must defeat Heavy Zest and any and all Hooraws within three turns. If the player fails to win within the given time, the referee appears and gives both Mario and Heavy Zest a Max Candy (if Heavy Zest is defeated he is instead given a 1-Up Mushroom that does the same), effectively "resetting" the battle, and gives the player the option to either keep going or quit the battle.

One of Heavy Zest's attacks involves him charging at Mario while his Hooraws stand in the background. How Heavy Zest approaches Mario can be telegraphed by how high the Hooraws in the background jump. If the Hooraws jump slightly, Heavy Zest will simply charge at Mario, which can be avoided by jumping over him. If the Hooraws jump high, Heavy Zest will jump over Mario. A Hermite Crab will also appear behind Mario, if Mario can align himself with the Hermite Crab while avoiding Heavy Zest, the Hooraw will crash into it, sending the coconut it was carrying into the background and hitting the Hooraws in the process. Heavy Zest will also simply charge at Mario while punching at him in a similar manner to Sorrow Fist, which can be countered by jumping on him. If Heavy Zest is defeated before any of the Hooraws within the three turns, he will fall over and remain unconscious for the remainder of the battle while the Hooraws panic.


  • All-Out Offensive: Time is of essence, so don't waste it on healing! Focus on powerful Luiginary Attacks only. Hitting Heavy Zest with the Luiginary Stack should work! You can mop up any leftover Hooraws with the Luiginary Ball.
  • Coconut Ricochet: If you see a giant coconut appear during Heavy Zest's attacks, it's your chance to hurt the Hooraws. The key is to make Heavy Zest charge headlong into the coconut! Heavy Zest charges at Mario, so match your movements with those of the coconut.
  • A Hopeless Cause?: If Mario simply cannot defeat all enemies within 3 moves, you will get the chance to give up. Use it to better prepare before retrying! Stock up badge effects of the Strike and Master badges to deliver more damage at once! Mix the Virus and Master badges to lower Heavy Zest's DEF. Buy those in the Wakeport shop!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デシオレンジ
Deshi Orenji
Disciple Orange

French (NOE) Disciple orange
Orange disciple
German Grinshart
From "grinsen" (to grin) and the name ending "-hart"
Italian Allievo Arancione
Orange Pupil
Korean 제자오렌지
Jeja Orenji
Pupil Orange

Russian Отжигайло
From "отжигать" (otzhigat, a slang word meaning "to do something out of the ordinary")

Spanish (NOA) Corazón Contento
Happy Heart
Spanish (NOE) Pupilo Naranja
Orange Pupil (Hooraws Spanish name)


A copy of Heavy Zest's house seen during the battle with Earthwake
A copy of his house seen near Luigi's feet
  • Three copies of his house can be seen in the battle with Earthwake. Two are located at each side of the arena near the sea while the third is near the middle.