Dream Stone's spirit

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“Fine! I'll be happy to...NOT TELL YOU!”
Dream Stone's spirit, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
The Dream Stone spirit with the Mario Bros.

The Dream Stone's spirit is the spirit of the Dream Stone from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. After Bowser and Antasma make off with the Dream Stone, Mario, with the help of Luigi and Prince Dreambert enters a Dreampoint to Dreamy Dozing Sands in order to find and to no end hunts it down and interrogates it for where Bowser and Antasma took the Dream Stone. This quickly gets on its nerves since it was already trying to relieve itself of the stress it developed when its Real World counterpart was moved.

Eventually, the Dream Stone's spirit gets so frustrated it possesses a Robo-Drilldigger and engages battle with Mario and a colossal Dreamy Luigi. When Luigi destroys the robot, the Dream Stone's spirit is so impressed that it lets him in on where it is, Mount Pajamaja. Mario and Dreambert overhear this, much to its dismay, but it drops the subject soon after and goes back to sleep regardless.

Since the Dream Stone was destroyed before the final boss, it is unknown what became of the Dream Stone's spirit.


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  • "I'll tell you where the Dream Stone is! It's in SHADDUPVILLE!"
  • "Great! Uncle Mustache and El Beardo are back."
  • "Aww...Is the wittle piwwow mad? 'INSOLENCE!' Adorable. 'INSOLENCE!' Priceless!"
  • "SHADDUP!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Droomsteen's ziel Dream Stone's Soul
Korean 드림스톤요정
Dream Stone Fairy
Spanish (NOE) Espíritu de la Piedra de los Sueños Dreams' Stone Spirit