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Dream Team Enemy
Location(s) Mushrise Park
Level 7
HP 288
Power 58
Defense 54
Speed 26
Weakness None
Experience 250 (300)
Coins 75 (100%)
Item Drop None (0%)
So-So Hammer (100%)
No Hitter
World Real

Grobot is a watering machine constructed by Brickle that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. When hit by one of the broken fountain parts, Grobot goes haywire and attacks Brickle upon sight in the Maintenance Hut of Mushrise Park, Mario and Luigi engaging battle with it to shut it down. Its name, Grobot, is a portmanteau of 'Grow', which refers to its intended purpose of watering the flowers, and 'Bot', since it is a robot. He is the first main boss of the game.


Grobot is a blue robot with a ball-shaped body and metallic arms normally used to pour water out of, tipped with yellow lining. It has a mouth-like hole that water comes out of, rimmed with yellow. It has red eyes, but had blue eyes prior to going haywire, and a two-feathered top like the fountains in the park.


Grobot first appears once Mario and Luigi rescue Brickle from the park's main fountain in a cutscene showing one of the larger fountain parts landing on it while it's watering the plants in the Maintenance Hut, and causing it to go haywire. Soon after, Mario and Luigi follow Brickle to the hut to find he was quickly attacked by Grobot and hurled across the hut area. It then attacks Mario and Luigi. After the battle, Grobot is destroyed, and is not seen for the rest of the game.


Grobot fighting Mario and Luigi.

Grobot mainly attacks by blowing up balls of water on its mouth and shooting them at Mario and Luigi, who must jump over the small balls of water, and either perform a timely jump onto the big ball of water or idle as it bounces over their heads. Grobot can also attack by charging head-on at one of the Bros., which can be countered by using the hammer. Grobot may also chase Mario and Luigi through the foreground, shooting balls of water at them which they must jump over before they get hit. If at least one brother is remaining, Grobot will eventually run into a rock and cause damage to itself.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネムルンバ
Possibly from 眠る nemuru ("to sleep") and ルンバ Runba, Roomba, a brand of robotic vacuum cleaner
Spanish (NOA) Dormibot From dormir (to sleep) and robot.
Spanish (NOE) Somnitrón From somnoler (French for nap) and -trón (a suffix for robots)
French (NOA) Somnoïde From somnoler (nap) and androïde (android).
French (NOE) Roupibot From roupiller (sleep) and robot.
German Groboter From grob (rough) and Roboter (robot).
Italian Dormobot From "dormire" (to sleep) and robot.
Portuguese Somnitron From somnoler (French for nap) and -tron (a suffix for robots).Similar to European Spanish
Korean 워터룸바
May possibly be a portmanteau of Water (or Water Room, where it is seen working) and Runba, from its Japanese name.