Monolift R

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Dream Team enemy
Monolift R
Monolift R from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Mount Pajamaja
Level 23
HP 184
Power 130
Defense 138
Speed 64
Weakness None
Experience 210 (252)
Coins 35 (100%)
Item drop Refreshing Herb (10%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 38
World Real

Monolifts R are small mountain-shaped creatures with hands that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Monolifts R are stronger versions of Monolifts. They appear on the path to the Pajamaja Rock Frame in Mount Pajamaja. In the field, Monolifts R carry rocks, and upon sighting Mario and Luigi, chase them for a short duration and throw a rock at the Bros. as a last effort to attack. Due to no Grumbells being present in the area the Monolift R appears, it cannot perform the attack the weaker version of it does with a Grumbell.

In battle, Monolifts R hold 2-4 rocks over their head. In the uncommon instance a Monolift R is holding a stack of four rocks, it will turn red and struggle to hold the stack up. If a Bro. chooses to jump on the Monolift R's stack of rocks when it is in this state, the weight will become too much for it, and the Monolift R will be squished and defeated instantly.

When attacking, a Monolift R may approach a Bro. and hold the stack of rocks even higher over its head, making it shake back and forth. The approached Bro. must hammer the Monolift R when the rocks are tilting away from him to make them all fall on the Monolift R. If he fails to do so successfully, the Monolift R will throw the rocks at a very vertical angle into the approached Bro., or the rocks will fall on him.

Monolifts R may also throw their stack of rocks high into the air, and punch them into Mario and Luigi; they must jump over them. If the Monolift R faces Mario and the background, it is about to punch a metal rock at him. If the Monolift R faces Luigi and the foreground, it is about to punch one at him. If the Monolift R is about to punch a soft orange rock, it will break into two and fly towards both Bros., who must jump over them at the same time. The orange rocks move slightly slower than the metal rocks.

A Shy Guy Airtub may assist Monolifts R in battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リフティーR
Rifutī R
Monolift R
French (NOE) Caillass R Monolift R
German Werfor R Monolift R
Italian Issosasso R Monolift R
Portuguese Içapedra R Monolift R
Russian Камнеброс*
Spanish Levarroca R Monolift R


  • There is only one Monolift R enemy in the overworld, making it the rarest real world enemy in the entire game.