Monolift R

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Dream Team Enemy
Monolift R
Monolift R from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Mount Pajamaja
Level 23
HP 184
Power 130
Defense 138
Speed 64
Weakness None
Experience 210 (252)
Coins 35 (100%)
Item Drop Refreshing Herb (10%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 38
World Real

Monolifts R are small mountain-shaped creatures with hands that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Monolifts R are stronger versions of Monolifts. They appear on the path to the Pajamaja Rock Frame in Mount Pajamaja. In the field, Monolifts R carry rocks, and upon sighting Mario and Luigi, chase them for a short duration and throw a rock at the Bros. as a last effort to attack. Due to no Grumbells being present in the area the Monolift R appears, it cannot perform the attack the weaker version of it does with a Grumbell.

In battle, Monolifts R hold 2-4 rocks over their head. In the uncommon instance a Monolift R is holding a stack of four rocks, it will turn red and struggle to hold the stack up. If a Bro. chooses to jump on the Monolift R's stack of rocks when it is in this state, the weight will become too much for it, and the Monolift R will be squished and defeated instantly.

When attacking, a Monolift R may approach a Bro. and hold the stack of rocks even higher over its head, making it shake back and forth. The approached Bro. must hammer the Monolift R when the rocks are tilting away from him to make them all fall on the Monolift R. If he fails to do so successfully, the Monolift R will throw the rocks at a very vertical angle into the approached Bro., or the rocks will fall on him.

Monolifts R may also throw their stack of rocks high into the air, and punch them into Mario and Luigi; they must jump over them. If the Monolift R faces Mario and the background, it is about to punch a metal rock at him. If the Monolift R faces Luigi and the foreground, it is about to punch one at him. If the Monolift R is about to punch a soft orange rock, it will break into two and fly towards both Bros., who must jump over them completely; unlike the metal ones, landing on the orange rocks still does damage.

A Shy Guy Airtub may assist Monolifts R in battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リフティーR
Rifutī R
Monolift R
French (NOE) Caillass R Monolift R
German Werfor R Monolift R
Italian Issosasso R Monolift R
Portuguese Içapedra R Monolift R
Russian Камнеброс*
Spanish Levarroca R Monolift R


  • There is only one Monolift R enemy in the overworld, making it the rarest real world enemy in the entire game.