Dozing Sands

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Dozing Sands
Screenshot of Dozing Sands, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
Greater location Pi'illo Island
Inhabitants Brocks, Shelltops, Flounderflages, Sandoons, Caccacs, Torkscrew, Viruses, Bandits
Map seen on the file select screen of Mario & Luigi: Dream TeamPi'illo BlimportWakeportPi'illo CastleMushrise ParkDozing SandsDriftwood ShoreMount PajamajaSomnom WoodsNeo Bowser Castle
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Dozing Sands is the desert area that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. On Pi'illo Island, it is on the bottom right corner. Many Shelltops here mine with their boss, Britta, in order to turn the area into a tourist attraction. The name is a pun on "dozing off to sleep" and the "bulldozer" (the area is a construction site).


Mario and Luigi head here after Antasma and Bowser say they will take the Dream Stone and make it grant their wishes. The Dream Stone is supposedly held here in Dozing Sands. Mario and Luigi learn that they must free the Deco Pi'illos from their respective dream worlds in order to progress up the large sand-flow where the Dream Stone may possibly be. After making their way up there, Mario and Luigi save Britta when she's attacked by Torkscrew by defeating him. Afterwards, they find out that the Dream Stone was already stolen. The Bros. use the Dreampoint where the Dream Stone was and enter Dreamy Dozing Sands to ask the Dream Stone's spirit about the location of the Dream Stone.


First visit[edit]

Path to the Dozing Matress[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マドロミ砂漠
Madoromi Sabaku
Doze Desert

Dutch Doezelduinen
Dozing Dunes
French Désert du sommeil
Sleep desert
German Nickerwüste
Nap Desert
Italian Sonnosabbie
From "sonno" (sleep) and "sabbia" (sand)
Korean 나르내 사막
Nareu'nae Samak
Drowsy Desert; homophone of "나른해" (nareunhae, the phrase "I'm drowsy")

Portuguese (NOE) Deserto da Sonolência
Sleepiness Desert
Spanish (NOA) Desierto Sopor
Doze Desert
Spanish (NOE) Desierto Cabezada
Nap Desert