Mammoshka X

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Dream Team enemy
Mammoshka X
Location(s) Battle Ring
Level 30
HP 1771
Power 378
Defense 365
Speed 78
Weakness Jump
Experience 0 (0)
Coins 1800 (100%)
Item drop None (0%)
None (0%)
No Hitter
World Dream/R

Mammoshka X is an extra boss in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team that may be fought in the Battle Ring as the fourth battle in the normal class. Like its earlier counterpart, its name is a combination of "Mammoth" and "mamushka", based off Matryoshka, a type of doll, which it is a merge of.


During battle, Mammoshka X attacks in multiple patterns and attacks, one of which involves going into the background and ramming the cliff-side to make a enormous rock, which it throws towards Mario and Luigi. The brothers must simultaneously hammer the rock as it falls towards them, knocking it back into the air; after several hits, the rock will fly back at Mammoshka, damaging it. If the Mario Bros. get hit with the rock they will take large damage and may get Dizzy.

Mammoshka X can chase Mario or Luigi off-screen, moving around to appear from the right side in line with the other brother. If the second brother jumps over the brother coming towards him while being chased, they'll both avoid taking damage; if they fail to dodge their brother and hit each other, they'll both get run over by Mammoshka X and take damage. If the Bro. not being chased jumps right on top of the one being chased, they'll counter the attack and damage Mammoshka X instead.

Another of Mammoshka's attacks is to chase Mario and Luigi, sucking them into its trunk while moving from side-to-side. If Mario and Luigi dodge its attacks, it'll eventually end the chase. However, if one of the brothers are sucked in, they will then be shot out towards the other brother, who then has to jump over the brother that was sucked in as they get shot towards them. Mammoshka will fake spitting out the caught brother, the real attack only comes when the brothers top end of the body is visible in Mammoshka X's trunk.This attack may cause POW-Down, lowering damage given to Mammoshka X.

Occasionally, three Block Monolift Xs may appear to help Mammoshka X. These enemies carry different helmets inside blocks of ice on their heads, and if they're not defeated, they will give Mammoshka a helmet, a spiked helmet, or a pail to protect it from Mario and Luigi's jump based attacks, one of its weaknesses. The spiked helmet will hurt Mario or Luigi if they try to jump on it, and the other two will simply negate damage.

When Mammoshka X's health points are fully depleted, its igloo like casing will crack, revealing a smaller version of itself in armour underneath. The brothers must chase the boss and jump on its head to break the armour as it runs away. By pressing the Bros. corresponding numbers, the Bros. will destroy Mammoshka X's armour, revealing a small, blue mammoth-like creature with fur. After one last jump on the head, Mammoshka X will be defeated and a statue will be placed in the Battle Ring's Trophy case.


Mammoshka X is a blue palette swap of Mammoshka, much like many other X bosses. It also features a yellow trunk instead of a pink one, and different colored feet. Just like Mammoshka, it appears to be a mammoth creature that is armored by an igloo like shell with giant "X" on the top of its head.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マンモースウX
Manmōsuu X
Mammonshka X
German Mammotz X Mammoshka X
Russian Слонопуз+
From Слон (Elephant) and Пузо (Belly)
Spanish (NOA) Mamutante X Mammoshka X
Spanish (NOE) Mammuro X Mammoshka X