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Dream Team enemy
Skipdrill from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dreamy Dozing Sands
Level 12
HP 22
Power 55
Defense 55
Speed 53
Weakness None
Experience 7 (8)
Coins 3 (100%)
Item drop Super Candy (1%)
Secret Box (1%)
No Hitter 15
World Dream

Skipdrills are orange drill enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Skipdrills move around at high altitude, drilling down into the spot below it if Mario and Dreamy Luigi run under it. If it misses them, the Skipdrill will get stuck in the sand it drilled itself into, and be susceptible to First Strikes. After some slight struggling, the Skipdrill will quickly remove itself from where it was stuck, and fly back up to that high altitude it normally moves at.

A stronger version of Skipdrills called Skipdrill Rs appear later on in the game.


Skipdrills appear in large hordes of ten to eighteen, and often attack in groups, possibly lowering Mario's defense if they hit him. Up to four Skipdrills may dig into the sand and appear in line with one of Mario's four sides, with only the lower half of their bodies sticking out as they move towards Mario slowly. As they do this, the idling Skipdrills will one by one float above Mario and try to drill into his head. Mario must hammer the Skipdrill before it hits him to avoid damage from it, and must also face one of the directions the Skipdrills are coming from in order to knock it into a Skipdrill in that direction and remove it from the attack. If Mario succeeds in removing all the half-submerged Skipdrills, this, the attack will end. If Mario fails to do this by the time the half-submerged Skipdrills get close enough, they will suddenly rise up out of the sand below Mario's feet one by one, each one damaging him.

Skipdrills may also attack individually or in pairs by flying up from their spot and back down, either in front of Mario or behind him at a varying distance from him, with only one Skipdrill on either side. The Skipdrills will then propel themselves either towards or away from Mario, who has to jump over or onto any Skipdrills heading towards him to avoid taking damage. If Mario jumps over two Skipdrills that are both homing in on him, they will run into each other dealing 9 damage to themselves in normal mode and 12 damage in hard mode. The Skipdrills will never both propel themselves away from Mario, and the attack will end once all Skipdrills have gotten to perform this or have been defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホリンドル
From「掘り」(hori, dig) and「ドリル」(doriru, drill)
French (NOA) Excavabond Contraction of "excavatrice" (digger) and "rebond" (bounce)
French (NOE) Perciflair From "perceuse" (drill) and "air"
German Bohrma Shortening of "bohrmaschine" (drilling machine)
Italian Trivelloide From "trivella" (auger)
Portuguese Broquito From "broca" (drill) and the diminutive "-ito"
Russian Буролет
From "бур" (bur, drill) and "-лет" (-let, suffix for flying)
Spanish (NOA) Brocato From "broca" (drill)
Spanish (NOE) Taladrete From "taladro" (drill)