Dreamy Luigi

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Dreamy Luigi
A screenshot of the game.
A screenshot of Dreamy Luigi along with Mario from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Species Luiginoid
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

Dreamy Luigi is the form Luigi takes in the Dream World of the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In this game, Dreamy Luigi forms a team with Mario to explore the Dream World and defeat Antasma.

General information[edit]


Prince Dreambert greeting Dreamy Luigi

Dreamy Luigi's abilities in the 2-D levels on the Dream World consist of jumping and activating the Luiginary Works, which are special objects found in the Dream World. When Dreamy Luigi is near a Luiginary Work, both react to each other, causing them to be surrounded by a green light. Dreamy Luigi can "possess" it, creating a special object that can be controlled by the sleepy Luigi with Starlow's help.

In battle, Dreamy Luigi "zooms" into Mario and boosts his HP by 50% and his BP by 20%, regardless of Luigi's stats; he additionally gives Mario the power to spawn multiple copies of him, called Luiginoids. When Mario uses his 'basic' jump attack, multiple Luiginoids appear and jump on any enemies near the initial target. When using the hammer attack, Mario spawns a group of Luiginoids, who then hammer the ground to create a shockwave that hits all grounded enemies, doing more damage the closer they are to the center.

Also, whenever Dreamy Luigi is in a crisis, many Luiginoids "fuse" with Dreamy Luigi, transforming him into Giant Luigi, similar to Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


Dreamy Luigi is much like the regular Luigi; he's cowardly and clumsy, but sweet, brave, and loyal to Mario. He seems much more brave in the dream world; Dreamy Luigi is manifested from not only Luigi's dreams, but his emotions and love for his brother, and is always willing to help him out despite the danger, which is demonstrated by his ability to transform into Giant Dreamy Luigi.

Luiginary Works[edit]

Luiginary Work Name Image Description/Function
Luiginary Stache Tree Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a tree. Dreamy Luigi possesses a tree with mustache-like branches. If Luigi's mustache is pulled and moved, the branch move the same way, and they can be used as slingshots for Mario. By grabbing him with the branch, then extend it thus launching Mario upward to platforms and inaccessible areas. The further the branch is extended, the further Mario travels through the air.
Sneeze Wind Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a whirlwind. Dreamy Luigi possesses a whirlwind in the level's background. If Luigi sneezes, it causes a strong gust in the Dream World, which can be useful to knock large blocks, spin platforms and move Blocks from the background to the level.
Luiginoid Formation A screenshot from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Dreamy Luigi possesses a constellation in the background. When he does it, the stars turn into Luiginoid that can be stacked into a Luiginary Stack that can help Mario with strong moves, such as the Ground Pound and Spring Jump. Throughout the game, different Luiginoid forms are unlocked; the Luiginary Typhoon, that can levitate through huge gaps of spikes and deflect mid-air blocks, and the Luiginary Ball, that can grab to hanger-like objects and Mario can use it as a mace to break otherwise unbreakable blocks.
Luiginary Propeller Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a pinwheel. Dreamy Luigi possesses a giant pinwheel. When Starlow spins Luigi's nose, the pinwheel causes wind in the Dream World.
Luiginary Ice Mario and Dreamy Luigi.
Luiginary Ice MLDT.png
Dreamy Luigi possesses a sun. Starlow can move his arm and make him to press a button near the frozen Pi'illo that is used to change the real world from hot to cold and vice-versa. If the real world gets hot, the sun in the Dream World makes the area warm. If it gets cold, the sun freezes and the Dream World turns snowy.
Luiginary Gravity Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a planet. Dreamy Luigi possesses a planet. Starlow can rotate a raft that Luigi is sleeping on to change the gravity in the Dream World.
Luiginary Cylinder Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a drill. Dreamy Luigi possesses a drill. If Starlow spins Luigi's nose, it causes the drill to spin as well, which Mario can then hold onto to reach higher areas.
Luiginary Speedometer Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a clock. Dreamy Luigi possesses a clock which can effect Mario's speed, this is done by Starlow either touching Luigi's moustache or nose.
Luiginary Antigravity Mario and Dreamy Luigi in the form of a void. Dreamy Luigi possesses a patch of matter, turning into a circular object with light revolving it, which when activated by Starlow via a switch in the real world, allows Mario to space-swim through the area freely.

Names in other languages[edit]

Dreamy Luigi[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユメルイージ
Yume Ruīji
Dream Luigi
Dutch Droom-Luigi Dream Luigi
French Oniluigi From onirique (oneiric) and Luigi
German Traum-Luigi Dream Luigi
Italian Oniriluigi From onirico (oneiric) and Luigi
Korean 꿈속루이지
Dream Luigi
Portuguese Luigi Onírico Oneiric Luigi
Russian Луиджи-баюн
From Bayushki bayu (an expression to lull a baby to sleep in Russian) and Luigi
Spanish (NOA) Luigi Onírico Dream Luigi
Spanish (NOE) Luigi Soñador Dreamer Luigi

Luiginary Works[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルイージ
A contraction of "miracle" and "Luigi"
Dutch Luigillusies Luigillusions
From Luigi and illusies (illusions)
French Mécanisme luimagik Luimagik Mechanism
From Luigi and magic
German Luigisionsobjekte Luigillusion Objects
From Luigi and illusion
Italian Meccanismi Magiluigi Luiginary Mechanisms
From Luigi and immaginario (imaginary)
Korean 미라클루이지
Miracle Luigi
Portuguese Mecanismos Luiginários Luiginary Mechanisms
From Luigi and imaginário (imaginary)
Russian Фантазии Луиджинна
Fantazii Luidzhinna
Luiginary Fantasies
Spanish Elementos Luiginarios Luiginary Elements
From Luigi and imaginario (imaginary)

Luiginary Attacks[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルアタック
Mirakuru Atakku
Miracle Attack
Dutch Luigio-aanvallen Luigio Attacks
The name Luigio is short for Luigiopieën (Luigiopies or Luigi Copies), the Dutch name for the Luiginoids
French (NOE) Attaques luimagik Luimagik Attacks
From Luigi and Magic
German Traum-Attacken Dream Attacks
Italian Attacchi Magiluigi Luiginary Attacks
From Luigi and immaginario (imaginary)
Korean 미라클어택
Miracle Attack
Portuguese Ataques Luiginários Luiginary Attacks
From Luigi and imaginário (imaginary)
Russian Атаки Луиджинна
Ataki Luidzhinna
Luiginary Attacks
Spanish Ataques Luiginarios Luiginary Attacks
From Luigi and imaginario (imaginary)