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Dream Team Enemy
Location(s) Mushrise Park
Level 5
HP 16
Power 40
Defense 38
Speed 23
Weakness None
Experience 15 (18)
Coins 5 (100%)
Item Drop Mushroom (5%)
Candy (2%)
No Hitter 5
World Real

Capnaps are sleepy creatures dressed in yellow feathers with several strands of grass on their heads that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, located in Mushrise Park. They may appear in battle with Thorbs. Three of them are required to battle, which serves as a tutorial for Bros. Attacks.


Capnaps have many attacks. They may teeter drowsily back and forth near a Bro., who must either smack the ground near it with his hammer to wake it up, or smash the Capnap itself before it inevitably crashes into him. They also are able to run at both Mario and Luigi by running into the foreground or background and dashing straight towards them, where they must jump as the Capnap nears them to avoid it.

They may also attempt to charge into a Bro. after approaching him, which can be evaded by jumping before the Capnap hits him. Sometimes the Capnap falls asleep before it is awakened by a noise and attacking. In this case, the Bros. must time their jumps properly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ネムルダケ
From "眠る" (nemuru, "to sleep") and "茸" (take, "mushroom")
French (NOE) Roupignon From roupiller (sleep) and champignon (mushroom)
German Nickerling Pun on Nickerchen (Nap) and the suffix -ling
Italian Gapibapo
Portuguese Sonomelo From sono (sleep) and cogumelo (mushroom)
Russian Грибохрап
From Гриб (Mushroom) and Храпеть (Snore)
Spanish (NOA) Reposeta From reposar (to rest) and seta (mushroom).
Spanish (NOE) Modorrón From modorra (drowsiness)