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Species Seadring
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
“Look, I'm Seatoon! HUGE FAN! This is, like, a massive honor!”
Seatoon, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Seatoon is a purple Seadring inhabiting Dreamy Driftwood Shore in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is one of Seadric's three siblings, who informs him of Mario's and Luigi's arrivals. When Prince Dreambert and the brothers meet him, he immediately confuses them with characters from a television show and requests they transform and pose as those characters do. Dreambert tells Mario and Luigi to go along with it and has Mario, whom Seatoon confuses with Red Seadring, to naturally pose as he believes the character would. Seatoon becomes excited, then despondent when the pose is incorrect. He informs Mario the pose is actually Green Seadring's. Mario and Luigi attempt to pose together, though Seatoon is still unsatisfied.

When Seatoon realizes they are not the characters after all, he becomes disappointed for a moment and happy when he realizes they were just trying to be nice to him, informing them he assumed the heroes were coming when Seadric called him. Seatoon then rewards them with his Dream Egg. When Dreambert brings up finding Princess Peach, Seatoon becomes excited once again and informs them resucing a damsel in distress is just what the Super Seadrings would do. However, when they attempt to strike poses again, he tells them not to. Finally, he simply wishes them luck before vanishing.


  • "NICE!"
  • "Red and green staches, little orange guy..."
  • "You guys must be...those superheroes! YES! The..."
  • "No need to hide your identities! I'm cool! I watch your show every single week!"
  • "Red Seadring! Green Seadring!"
  • "And Orange Seadring! Yeah! Always snacking on cheese!"
  • "Look, I'm Seatoon! HUGE FAN! This is, like, a massive honor!"
  • "DUDE!"
  • "RING IT UP!"
  • "Transform into your super forms! OH PLEASE! With the poses!"
  • "Dream Eggs, huh? They're the key?"
  • "Well, I've got one for you for sure!"
  • "But... First..."
  • "RING IT UP!"
  • "Guuuuuuulp... Oh my gosh..."
  • "..."
  • "No."
  • "Not right AT ALL!"
  • "That's GREEN Seadring's pose! For after his special move!"
  • "..."
  • "Barf."
  • "Still WRONG!"
  • "AND no transformation! AND unsynchronized!"
  • ""
  • "Right... Yeah, you DID look off... Super Seadrings have full beards, too..."
  • "When I got the call about you three, I assumed you were, y'know, THEM..."
  • "But you guys really went for it, huh? You tried to make me happy, huh?"
  • "Now THAT is nice! You guys are nice!"
  • "And you said you needed a Dream Egg, right?"
  • "Well, lemme repay nice with nice! I'll give you my Dream Egg!"
  • "OK, OK! Here goes!"
  • "Oh, totally! A Dream Egg expansion in the dream world is a perfect hiding spot!"
  • "..."
  • "Protecting a damsel in distress... Man."
  • "That is JUST like the Super Seadrings!"
  • "That's even part of the theme song! 'Ringin' It Up on Damsel Duty!'"
  • "Yup!"
  • "'Triple the color, triple the beards! Damsels in distress, have no fear!'"
  • "'Super Seadring dream team, form it up! Grab evil by its ear and RING! IT! UP!'"
  • "Just...stop posing like that. It's totally wrong and bad."
  • "Anyhow, good luck, you three!"
  • "I've got some NEW heroes to root for!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オトゾー
From「ユメノオトシゴ」(Yume no Otoshigo, "Seadring") and masculine name ending「蔵」(-zō)

French (NOE) Hippolas
From hippocampe ("seahorse") and the name "Nicolas"
Italian Ippo Z
Play on ippocampo ("seahorse") and Ipporanger Z (his favourite TV show, based off the Power Rangers)
Russian Сказколюб
Masculine form of cказка (skazka, "fairy tale") + clipping of любить (lyubit, "like"); in the Russian version, Seatoon mistakes Mario & Luigi with characters from a fairy tale

Spanish (NOE) Hipnocasio
From the Seadrings' Spanish name Hipnocampo and the name "Casio"