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Species Seadring
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Seatoon, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Seatoon is a purple Seadring that lives in Dreamy Driftwood Shore in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. When the Bros. meet him, he confuses them with characters from a television show and tells them to transform and pose like those characters do, then Mario tries to imitate one of the characters and Seatoon gets excited, but he fails and Seatoon is dissapointed and thinks that they are not those characters, the Bros. try once again with another poses but still fail. Despite them not being those characters, Seatoon thanks them for trying to not dissapoint him and rewards them for their good deeds by giving them the Dream Egg. Seatoon spits out the Dream Egg and disappears once he wishes the Bros. good luck.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Hipnocasio From the Seadrings' Spanish name Hipnocampo and the name Casio.
French (NOE) Hippolas From hippocampe (seahorse) and the name Nicolas.
Russian Сказколюб
From Сказка (Fairy tale) and Любить (Like). (In Russian version Seatoon mistakes Mario & Luigi with characters from a fairy tale)