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Species Hooski
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)
“No way she says yes to my proposal... I'm hooed.”
Hoolo, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Hoolo is a character in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is a particular, portly Hooski and one of the many inhabitants of Wakeport. He plans to propose to his love interest, but has a weak amount of confidence and offerings and as such is unable to. He supplies Mario and Luigi with the Plush Zeekeeper, thus beginning a long line of trades throughout Wakeport resulting in getting the Pi'illo Ring, allowing Hoolo to successfully propose to his girlfriend. He rewards them with various items of gratitude.


Hoolo, along with his girlfriend, Hoola, are found in the center of the suburbs of Wakeport. Hoolo is shown nervously watching over her as she admires a lovely bouquet in the garden. He appears to be trying to overcome his shyness, planning to be straightforward and propose to her. He starts regretting paying for their trip and believes his gift, a plush Zeekeeper, is immature and out of her taste. He notices Mario and Luigi and assumes they are popular, consequently assuming they are able to help him out. He requests they find him something to propose with as opposed to the plush, requiring a gift of fair quality. He even offers to give them everything he owns, displaying a small collection of items and supplies, if they succeed. If they agree to help him out, Hoolo gives them an Attack Piece in addition to the Plush Zeekeeper, suggesting they find and speak with someone interested in it. This begins a long line of trades, beginning with the plush and ending with the Pi'illo Ring.

Once Mario and Luigi have found the ring, they must give it to Hoolo, who is immediately interested in it, claiming it is an authentic Pi'illo ring. Accumulating a bit of confidence, he decides to call over Hoola and ask the question. However, a small crowd, consisting of a Shelltop, Yoshi, and two Zeekeeper-costumed individuals, begins to gather. This appears to make him slightly more nervous, stuttering and pausing a bit before being prompted by Hoola. Finally, he asks her to marry him. She pauses and becomes silent for a moment, worrying Hoolo a bit into believing she is about to decline. However, she is overcome by his gesture and offering, happily accepting to marry him, to both of their joy. As promised, Hoolo thankfully supplies Mario and Luigi with his possessions, consisting of a 1-Up Mushroom, a Heart Bean DX, Rally Wear, and a Sap Hammer.


  • "Hoola..."
  • "Hoo man, why am I such a chicken..."
  • "I just have to spit out... 'Will hoo marry me?'"
  • "Why'd I even hoo out the cash for this trip..."
  • "And this gift I hooed her... Talk about kid's stuff..."
  • "No way she says yes to my proposal... I'm hooed."
  • "Hoo there! Look at you hoo, with the big old staches!"
  • "Bet those make hoo popular! Yup, yup, hoo bet!"
  • "Anyhoo, since you're popular, I trust hoo to help me out!"
  • "Can hoo find me something to help me propose to my girl?"
  • "A gift... Not too hooish...but with the right amount of hoo!"
  • "If all goes well, I'll give hoo everything I own!"
  • "Will hoo help me?"
  • "THANK HOO!"
  • "As an advance, I'll hoo you one thing!"
  • "Hoo now! Almost forgot..."
  • "If hoo don't mind, take this with hoo!"
  • "I won't need it anymore anyhoo..."
  • "And I saw someone hoo wanted it really bad!"
  • "I-I'm counting on hoo two!"
  • "You find something nice, bring it to me for a hoo!"
  • "Hoo now, is that..."
  • "Hoo DOGGIES! That's a precious, ancient Pi'illo ring!"
  • "You hoos aren't just cool looking - you ARE cool!"
  • "Hoola's going to flip her hoo when she sees it!"
  • "OK... I'll hoo this over...and ask her to marry me!"
  • "HOOLA!"
  • "I, um... P-p-please... Hoo for you!"
  • "And... I...also... Will hoo... Uh..."
  • "Will you...wi...will...wiii wiii wiii wiii..."
  • "Hoo..."
  • "HOORAY!"
  • "I owe it all to hoo guys!"
  • "Gotta hoo up my end of the bargain! Just as I promised!"
  • "Hoo did amazing work! You're stand-up hoos!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニオ
From「埴輪」(haniwa) and the masculine name ending「お」(-o)
Italian Ullo -