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“A Dreampoint. It's a place where dreamers can be one with their dreams.”
Prince Dreambert, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Screenshot of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario, Luigi and Prince Dreambert near a Dreampoint.

Dreampoints are spots where one can easily enter the Dream World in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The first Dreampoint is encountered in Dozing Sands, which Mario and Luigi use upon Prince Dreambert's suggestion to find clues about the Dream Stone's whereabouts now that it is in Bowser and Antasma's possession.

The next Dreampoint is seen in Wakeport, and Big Massif is found sleeping near the Dreampoint. As he was required for the Mount Pajamaja tour to take place, Luigi sleeps next to him in order to let Mario and Dreamy Luigi try and stir him awake in the Dream World.

The Dreampoint on Mount Pajamaja is encountered during Mario, Luigi, Dreambert and Starlow's hasty retreat from the Dreambeats created by the speakers Private Goomp switched on at the peak of the mountain. Mario enters the Dream World of this Dreampoint in order to escape the effect of the Dreambeats.

Driftwood Shore houses four Dreampoints, all four having a Seadring residing in the Dream World of each. Mario and Luigi initially enter the Dreampoint of the oldest Seadring, Seadric, to hide Princess Peach (though really Kamek in disguise) in safety, but are told of the Dream Eggs his younger siblings have in separate Dream Worlds at separate Dreampoints. They are also told how they can expand this Dream World to hide Peach deeper, which Mario and Luigi begin seeking as such. After entering the three other Dreampoints to gather the Dream Eggs Seabelle, Seatoon and Seabury have, Mario and Luigi return to the Dreampoint with Seadric to expand the Dream World and hide Peach from Bowser's clutches.

The Dreampoint deep in Somnom Woods lies at the Pi'illo Temple, guarded by Pi'illodium. Mario and Luigi use this Dreampoint as it's the only one known to provide access to the Dream World the Zeekeeper rests in when slept at on the Ultibed, whom the Bros. must awaken to destroy Neo Bowser Castle's barrier.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Dormipunto