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Bowser's minions affected by the tone of the Dreambeats.

Dreambeats are a special kind of music that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It causes those who hear it to fall asleep.

In the game, when Mario and Luigi reach the summit of Mount Pajamaja, they see Antasma, Bowser, Kamek, Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk and Sergeant Guy with four large speakers. Private Goomp then turns on the speakers and the Dreambeats starts playing, making all who hear it fall asleep, except for Pi'illos, Starlow, Antasma and Bowser (who is covering his ears).

The Bros. try to escape but Luigi falls asleep while Mario fights the drowsiness. Prince Dreambert suggests going to the Dream World to escape the music until it is over. Mario manages to escape the Dreambeats by diving through the Dream Portal of a nearby Dreampoint into Dreamy Mount Pajamaja, but the Dream Portal soon closes as the music has made Luigi so deep in his sleep that it cannot remain stable. However, the Bros. manage to reopen the portal by defeating the dreamy version of Mount Pajamaja in combat. When Mario exits the portal, he finds that the Dreambeats has stopped and the Mario Bros. continue on their journey.

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