Flibbee R

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Dream Team Enemy
Flibbee R
Flibbe R.png
Location(s) Mount Pajamaja
Level 17
HP 142
Power 101
Defense 82
Speed 66
Weakness None
Experience 75 (90)
Coins 26 (100%)
Item Drop Supersyrup Jar (5%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 21
World Real

Flibbees R are blue bees with yellow eyes that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are an enhanced version of Flibbees, and as such, have similar attack patterns to them. In battle, Flibbees R attack differently depending on whether they're in mid-air or standing on the ground on their two feet. A Flibbee's R position can change if struck by a bro on their attack turn. If in mid-air, the Flibbee R will come flying at a bro on its side after possibly rolling its eyes in circles 0-3 times. Unlike the Flibbee's attack, the Flibbee's R attack may cause POW-Down. They also can't be battled alone so Monolifts, Grumbells, and Pi'illodactyl's assist them.

The Flibbee R will then do the same amount of loops as the number of times it rolled its eyes in a circle, and then fly into the bro, who must jump before it hits them in order to dodge. If on the ground, the Flibbee R will fly at a bro and aim its spike at them as it flies back and forth barely away from the bro, who must smack it with their hammer when it gets in range to knock it into another enemy, if not, any, into the ground.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Abejabajo R From abeja (bee) and abajo (down).
German Reversiene R Flibbee R
Russian Жалокрут*
From Жало (Stinger) and Крутить (Spin)