Flibbee R

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Dream Team Enemy
Flibbee R
Flibbe R.png
Location(s) Mount Pajamaja
Level 17
HP 142
Power 101
Defense 82
Speed 66
Weakness None
Experience 75 (90)
Coins 26 (100%)
Item Drop Supersyrup Jar (5%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 21
World Real

Flibbees R are blue bees with yellow eyes and two feet that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are an enhanced version of Flibbees, and as such, have enhanced stats and faster attacks. Additionally, unlike the Flibbee's attacks, the Flibbee R's attacks may cause POW-Down. They also cannot be battled alone, as they are assisted by Monolifts, Grumbells, and Pi'illodactyls.

In battle, Flibbees R attack differently, depending on whether they are in mid-air or standing on the ground. A Flibbee's R position can change if struck by a bro on its attack turn. If in mid-air, the Flibbee R will come flying at a bro on its side after possibly rolling its eyes in circles 0-3 times.

The Flibbee R will then do the same amount of loops as the number of times it rolled its eyes in a circle, and then fly into the bro, who must jump before it hits him in order to dodge. If on the ground, the Flibbee R will fly at a bro and aim its spike at him as it flies back and forth barely away from the bro; he must smack it with his hammer when it comes into range to knock it into another enemy, or if there are no others, into the ground.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サカバチR
Sakabachi āru
Spanish Abejabajo R From abeja (bee) and abajo (down).
German Reversiene R Flibbee R
Italian Verticape R Flibbee R
Russian Жалокрут*
From Жало (Stinger) and Крутить (Spin)