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Dream Team enemy
Location(s) Dozing Sands
Level 9
HP 28
Power 39
Defense 51
Speed 43
Weakness None
Experience 24 (28)
Coins 8 (100%)
Item drop Super Nut (6%)
Shock Bomb (5%)
No Hitter 10
World Real

Flounderflages are red, green, purple, or white flounders with yellow underbellies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Flounderflages camouflage themselves into the sand, give chase to Mario and Luigi upon sight, and becoming more visible once doing so.

The color of their backs indicates which bro they will target; a red Flounderflage will always target Mario and never harm Luigi, even if it aimed for him. They begin battle by covering themselves in with the sand, thus rendering them harder to see and impossible to identify the color. They can attack by creeping steadily towards a bro then swerving into its target at the last second, which can be jumped over. They may also stand in front of the bro and tackle them. If they point upwards - due to having the other bro's color - they will jump over the bro and miss entirely. If it misses or the bro dodges (but not if they are counterattacked), they attempt to ram the bro from behind on their way back. Additionally, Flounderflages may spawn out of the sand over the course of battle.

Purple Flounderflages are rarer, only found in the Torkscrew battle to attack Luigi from behind while Mario is being chased by Torkscrew's drill.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カモフラ
Shortening of "camouflage"; may involve "flounder"
French (NOE) Camouflin From "camouflage" and "colin" (pollock)
German Camoflunder Pun on "camouflage" and "flunder" (flounder)
Italian Kamufish From "camuffare" (to camouflage) and English word "fish"
Portuguese Camufilete From "camuflagem" (camouflage) and "filete" (fillet)
Russian Камуфла
From "камуфляж" (kamuflyazh, camouflage)
Spanish (NOA) Camuflillo From "camuflaje" (camouflage) with diminutive suffix "-illo"
Spanish (NOE) Camuflenguado From "camuflaje" (camouflage) and "lenguado" (sole)